STORY: Must Read – Waking Up Inside You

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It’s the morning after our first night of meeting and lovemaking, having enjoyed each other for hours and hours. It was purely heaven to have one final shower together, then fall asleep in each other’s arms. You felt most comfortable sleeping in a sheer off-white nightie, the delicate material lightly covering your beautiful body, teasing me. I chose my boxer briefs.

In the morning, I wake first, groggy. My senses start coming to me. I sigh a deep, sleepy breath and stretch, feeling my muscles return to life, sloughing off the peaceful slumber of the night and coming back to the conscious world. As I stretch, I become aware for the first time in too long, that I’m not alone in bed, waking up with a presence next to me. Warm. Soft. Feminine.

I wake on my left side, facing you, my right arm loosely draped over your body as you lie on your back. My forearm rests on your stomach, my right hand flopped over to your left hip, just above the bed sheets that swathe your lower body. For a few minutes, I lie there, taking in the sight of you, this beautiful woman lying next to me. The early morning glow of sunrise softly radiates through the window curtains, giving a dim but warm orange light in the room. I study your face as you sleep, admiring your semi clothed body, feeling a deep love for you.

The feeling is indescribable, melting my heart, waking up next to you, feeling so warm and cozy, never wanting to get out of bed. I recall the events of the night before, how wonderful our lovemaking was, the two of us joined together. As I replay our trysts in my mind, my hand idly wanders over you. I delicately touch your body, taking in your features. Remembering how your body felt underneath me, how your breasts looked swaying over me. My fingertips lightly skim your nipples as I recall how they brushed my hairy chest as you rode me to screaming orgasm. I touch the base of your neck, remembering how my cum pooled there when I came on your tits, covering those sexy freckles on your caramel skin. My fingers run through your pretty hair, reminded of holding your tresses balled up in my fist while you sucked my cock.


I delicately brush your sensual lips, recalling our passionate kisses, feeling your humid, rhythmic breath on my fingers. This agitates you in your slumber, and you roll away from me to your left, taking the sheets partially with you. I smile to myself, seeing your back presented to me, opening up an opportunity, and I scoot up behind you, spooning you. My pelvis goes to your bottom, my legs bent behind yours. I press my bare chest into your back, and nuzzle my face into the nape of your neck, my arm wrapped around you, holding you close. You quietly sigh.

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