There Is An ‘Uber For Keke’ Service Launching In Lagos [Check Details]

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Tricycles or kekes as they’re popularly referred to are one of the transport options available for people living in Nigeria.

According to Techpoint

Nigerians have a thing for Kekes. But why not? The three-wheeled vehicles give an exciting experience. Besides enabling easy on-boarding and alighting, the view of the environment while in transit and the ability of drivers to manoeuvre their ways better than cars in traffic is a relief beyond ordinary.


It is with this idea that tech enthusiast, Samuel Ajiboyede decided to create Mattatu, an on-demand transportation network for hailing tricycles online.

Samuel Ajiboyede is a former director at Robert Johnson — a software and telecom company that provides solutions to banks and telcos.



Simply put, it works the same way you order your typical Uber.

You order your ride from your phone, and instead of having a car pull up at your door, you get a keke.



Like other ride-sharing services, you can pay with your credit card or cash and you get to see the estimate before you take the ride.



Quick question: Would you order a Matattu?



You can check the full feature on Matattu

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