13 Struggles Of Being A Pretty Girl

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Being pretty is a relative thing, I mean it starts from what you believe.

Do you think you’re pretty? If not then you will probably be bitter with this article because there’s a high chance you won’t think you’ve experienced any of these things. However, in as much as pretty is a relative word there are those girls that are just pretty universally, regardless of who is looking at them or where they go they are simply pretty. But in as much as that is amazing, their lives can be quite disappointing sometimes and even hard.

Here are struggles of being a pretty girl:

1. People think all men like her for the right reasons.

She is pretty so she has to be extra cautious since men are visual. When they see her they just think of how she looks naked and it is super annoying.




2. They are always the best looking in every photo.

They can’t help it, even without trying, they end up shining in every photo and people wonder how they are photogenic.

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