13 Foods Eaten By Ghanaians And Nigerians But Have Different Names

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It’s obvious that Ghanaians and Nigerians are brothers from the same mother.

Our similarities cut across musiclifestyle, culture, fashion etc. but little did you know that most of our foods are the same.

Scroll down as we show you foods eaten by Ghanaians and our Nigerian brothers, the only difference is the names given to these foods.

Buff Loaf (Bofloat or Bofrot) – Puff Puff

Nigerians call bofloat (buff loaf) “puff puff”


Akatoa – Egusi

Ghana’s akatoa (fat- and protein-rich seeds of certain cucurbitaceous plants) which can be used for either stew or soup is called “egusi” in Nigeria and is used for similar delicacies. The Ga tribe in Ghana call it “agushi” which sounds similar to Nigeria’s “egusi”.

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Kokonte (Abete3) – Amala

Kokonte, a brown-like fufu eaten by Ghanaians is made with cassava, Nigerian’s have the same type of food, called Amala except theirs is made with yam.



Chichinga (Khebab) – Suya

Roasted meat or khebab, popularly called “chichinga” or “aboki” is called “suya” by our Nigerian brothers.


Gari Fufu – Eba

Gari ball is popularly called Eba in Nigeria.



Fufu – Pounded Yam  or Akpu

As Ghanaians use cassava to make fufu, Nigerians use yam to make fufu and call it pounded yam, when they make it with cassava, it is called “Akpu”. Nigerians also eat their pounded yam or fufu with stew like egusi whilst Ghanaians eat ours with soup.


Koose – Akara

Koose, a dish made from peeled beans formed into a ball and then deep-fried in oil, eaten with “hausa koko” by Ghanaians is also eaten by Nigerians and they call it “akara”.



Korkor – Dodo

Fried ripe plantain or fried plantain is called “dodo” by Nigerians.



Atwemon – Chinchin

Nigerians call the fried snack “chinchin”.


Waakye – Ofada

Even though Ghana’s waakye is browner, Nigerians call it “ofada” and it is eaten in a leaf just like we do it.




Kofi Brokeman – Boli

Nigerians call roasted plantain “boli”, Ghanaians call it “korkor a yatoto” (twi name for roasted plantain) and stylishly call it “kofi brokeman” meaning, a food eaten by broke people as it’s cheap and sold on the roadside.


Ayoyo Soup – Ewedu Soup

Ayoyo soup, which Ghanaians eat with Tuozafi (TZ) is called “ewedu soup” and can be eaten with amala, pounded yam or akpu.




Adibi – Okpa

Adibi, made of beans is called Okpa by Nigerians.



Palm Nut Soup (Abenkwan) – Banga Soup

The delicious “palm nut soup” which is made from from the palm fruit is called “banga soup” in Nigeria.



See, not much difference after all, so the next time you go to Nigeria, try these foods, you will feel like home. In case you know any other foods eaten by Ghanaians and Nigerians, put them in the comment box, we will add to our list. 

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