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A Lady on facebook named Ashh Kayy just revealed what real friendship goals is all about and well not everyone is wishing for their kind of bond, as the post has over 2klikes 10k shares and over 10k comments 95% of the comments are obviously insults;
she captioned the photo;
Me n baby the Sh!t together 💯❤️❤️ so it’s only right if we take a Sh!t together!!❤️❤️😜💯
#goals #Sh!ttingOnAHater #WeTheSh!t
See some comments below;
Jackie Cole Idgaf how close we is, I’m grown as hell and I’m not finna share a toilet with another grown ass person 😩😩😩 besides i like to be comfortable I need the whole toilet to myself 🤦🏽‍♀️ Tarzanna Thompson look at this bulllllllSh!t
thomas_okey Couple that “Sh!ts” together stays together. Wonder what happens when one of them is purging? Nsi afosisa might be d deal breaker.
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