STORY: No names [$uper Er0tic]

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The young woman was lighting the last of her candles as the phone rang on the hotel room nightstand. Rushing to grab it in time, she snatched it up immediately.

“Hello?” she said breathlessly, not sure if it was from her exertion or her excitement. She felt her nerves leap when that thick, velvety voice poured over the line.

“What room, babe?” was all he said.

“304…hurry, I need you.” She heard him chuckle in response before the line went dead, that deep, throaty chuckle that always made her ache. He was chuckling, of course, because she was stating the obvious. She always needed him. She had needed him from the first moment she laid eyes on him.

It wasn’t that his looks were so irresistible, although he was very sexy, but she had seen many sexier men in her life. What always struck her like a blow to the head was the sensation that he knew her. Not that he knew her as a person…he didn’t know shit about her and he made it plain that he didn’t really care. He never asked her name and she’d learned to stop asking his. No, he knew her on a primal, animal level. A level she didn’t even know existed until she had looked into his eyes. She could remember that day like it was yesterday, when it had actually been at least 4 or 5 months.

With so many boutiques in her office building, she had been shopping a bit on her lunch break, trying to find an outfit to wear to her sister’s anniversary party, when she decided to try a different clothing store. As she walked around looking at dresses, she felt a tingling on the back of her neck like she was being watched. She looked around but didn’t see anyone paying attention to her. She chose a dress quickly and made her way to the lift, worrying about getting back to work on time. Just as she was about to press the button, she heard “The Voice”.

“Are you going to be going down?” he purred into her ear. Spinning around to see who’d spoken to her, she gasped as her gaze connected with a set of wicked, smoky eyes.

-My God I’d like to own you-

The thought came out of nowhere, and her confusion must have shown because he repeated the question. She felt like she’d been punched in the stomach, and he was talking about the lift?

I…uh… I had planned to,” she replied

That would be a mistake,” he calmly stated, looking so deeply into her eyes she would swear that he could see into her soul.

Chuckling nervously, she asked, “What…what do you mean?

Well, for starters, you haven’t tried your dress on yet,” he said matter-of-factly.

So what? I wasn’t going to,” she returned, trying to get a grip on her hormones.

Well, then I wouldn’t get to see it on you, now would I? Wouldn’t you like a second opinion?” he asked, slowly drawing the words out with his thick, heavenly voice.

But I…need to get back to work,” she weakly protested. The whole time she stood there stammering, he smiled at her like he knew something that she didn’t.

Trust me,” he said while holding out his hand to her, “you want my opinion.” And that was all it took. Something inside of her snapped, and she took his hand as he led her to the ladies dressing rooms.

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