STORY: Birthday Girl – Part 5 [$uper Er0tic]

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Samira came loudly, thrashing violently on the bed but Deji held her by the waist and kept his mouth firmly locked on her pussy. Her mind went blank as she screamed out her release, Deji wringing every last surge of pleasure out of her as she jerked, shook and gasped at his mouth’s plundering of her pussy. Pleasure crashed into her in what seemed to be a never ending wave and it seemed an eternity before she could breathe properly again, her need to feel him inside her still there but banked for now. That was when Deji’s mouth finally left her pussy and she could put the leg that was still suspended up in the air down.

Turn over.” He commanded, breathing hard like her. He was on the brink of losing control and plunging himself inside her but he willed himself to wait just a little longer as he picked up a pillow.

Samira was still whimpering as she moved to obey, turning over to lie on her stomach. Deji put his arm around her waist and put the pillow under her hips so her rear end was higher up than the rest of her body. He spread her legs again as he knelt on the mattress between them and Samira rested her head on her folded arms, making a small purring noise. The dripping of the oil on her rear made her spasm and she moaned her enjoyment as he kneaded the oil deep into her soft flesh, going down into the crack of her ass and exploring her with his fingers. She jerked, raising her head and crying out as he held her cheeks open and dripped a small droplet of oil unto her perineum. She remained stiff and gasping as he stroked her there, his finger trailing closer and closer to her cum soaked cunt. She squealed when his finger traced a line over her nether lips and moaned in frustration when he did not push it in.

Deji … please …!” Samita’s hips started moving in time with the circling finger on her pussy as she bit her lip.

Patience.” He growled, shuddering himself and breathing hard as he took his finger away from her. His erection was already getting painful with the need to slide inside her willing sheath. Just a little longer, he counselled himself as he swallowed, the sight of her pussy taking his breath away as it always did. Shaking his head, he directed the nozzle of the bottle of oil to her back and squeezed a large dollop of oil out, making her gasp again at the initial heat before he started to massage it in.

Samira felt him trail kisses and licks on her spine as he caressed and stroked her sides, hips and back. He dripped some more oil on her skin and went to her shoulders and the back of her arms, practically lying on top of her as he simultaeously kissed and licked her neck, his rock like penis pressed against the crack of her ass. He reached forward and cupped her chin, turning her face to the side so he could kiss her. She moaned as she opened her mouth for his tongue as it flickered on her lips. She kissed him back, hungrily licking and sucking on his lips as she felt her pussy burst into even more of an inferno, cum flowing out of her as she pumped her ass up against his cock. His lips left hers to trail along her jawline and up to her ear. Samira groaned as he took her earlobe into his mouth and his hands reached under her to cup her breasts.

Oh … fuck!” Samira whispered weakly “How are you doing this to me?” She undulated and writhed under him, thoroughly, mind-blowingly aroused and completely consumed by the need to feel him inside her as her cum flooded pussy contracted repeatedly against a familiar imagined invader. It was time. If there ever was a time she needed a man inside her, it was now. “Inside me, Deji … please … I need you … oh fuck me!”

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