STORY: Birthday Girl – Part 4 [$uper Er0tic]

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Oh … Deji! This feels so … good ..!

When he started with the other breast, Samira went weak and her head sagged on his shoulder. She let out a small squeal of delight, unconsciously thrusting out her chest. She could not recall ever being so thankful for having two boobs in her life. He took his time like with the other breast, rubbing at her nipple with the sponge and squeezing the soft flesh of her tit. He made her giggle when he playfully bounced it in his hand and she squirmed against him as he licked her neck. By the time he was done ‘washing’ her boob, Samira was panting, the heat between her legs an inferno of need. She spread her legs and grabbed a hold of his wrist with one hand, trying to pull it beneath the water to where she needed it.

Deji … please …” she gasped when he resisted, chuckling softly in her ear.

Alright,” he said with a theatric sigh. “It is your birthday, after all.

Abruptly his hand entered the water between her spread thighs. Samira jerked when the sponge touched her inner thighs and began to stroke up, scrubbing them clean of cum and closing in on her pussy. His other hand went down too, and Samira let out a shriek when it spread her open for the sponge bearing other hand to ‘clean’ her. She spasmed as the sponge went over her labia and touched her sensitive inner flesh through the lips of her slit. She lost all train of thought at the intensity, writhing and thrashing in the water. Deji continued determinedly, holding her open and ‘cleaning’ her as she gasped, squirmed and whimpered in his arms. When he finally stopped, Samira was given no time to regain her senses as he took an earlobe into his mouth and started stroking her clit with the fingers of his spongeless hand. She came with a loud cry and collapsed weakly against him, thoroughly overcome as she shuddered in ecstatic release.

When she opened her eyes at last, she realized that Deji had abandoned the sponge and was busy caressing her with his bare hands, fondling her heaving breasts and belly with one hand and two fingers from the other hand inside her pussy. She twisted and turned her head so she could kiss him again, holding his cheek. When the kiss broke, she licked at his lips and kissed him again, moaning at his hands’ activities under the water, the pressure of his dick hard against her rear. She lay back against his chest when the kiss ended, a smile on her face, completely giving herself up to enjoying what he was doing to her. Deji played with her breasts and pussy like a favourite musical instrument, eliciting little purring noises and sharp whimpers and moans from her parted lips as she lay indulgently against him. She giggled as he bounced her titties around and stroked her bush before he mimed walking with his fingers down her mound in the water. When he inserted the two fingers into her she felt her pussy tighten around them and she bucked in the water, still smiling widely at his silliness.

Naughty boy.” she grunted as he stroked her clitoris and cupped her breasts yet again. She wanted him inside her and at the rate he was going she was going to climb on top of him any moment from now, whether he liked it or not.

Enjoying yourself?

She gasped as he pinched her nipple “What do you think?”

That’s not an answer, Miss Bello.” He licked at her earlobe and she sighed. Both his hands went up to cup her breasts and she put her hands on top of them. They were beginning to get pruny, she noticed.

“Yes, Mr. Adeosun.” Jasmin said, breathily. “I’m enjoying myself.

Think it’s time for bed?” he pumped against her ass, making her vividly feel his rock hard erection.

Yes, Mr. Adeosun. I think it’s very definitely time for bed.” Samira felt her pussy begin its familiar contraction in anticipation of him finally entering her. His cock pushing its way into her sheath was a sensation she found herself looking forward to with an avidity that surprised her at first but now she simply took it in stride. He could make her cum in any way he wished but her orgasms simply felt fuller and more complete when she came with his dick in her pussy.

Okay. Wait here.” He licked her ear and then levered himself up out of the water and stepped out of the tub, walking over to the towel rack. As she watched him, he rubbed himself dry with a towel, looking at her with a small predatory smile. Then, he replaced the towel and picked up and unfolded a huge bath sheet from the rack before he walked back to the tub.

Come here.”

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