STORY: Birthday Girl – Part 3 [$uper Er0tic]

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Continued from Chapter 2

Read Chapter 1 here.


Queen stood up too and said she had to leave, which meant that Lola, who lived in the same part of town, stood up to go too so they could share a cab. Lola went up to the dark-skinned man she had spent most of the night dancing with, and exchanged numbers and a chaste kiss on the mouth with him before she came back and hugged and kissed Samira on the cheek, wishing her a happy birthday and promising to call her later in the afternoon. Queen and Samira exchanged hugs as well before she left, waving and blowing a kiss at Samira and Bianca.

Samira stood up a few minutes later after squirming in her seat at the memory of Deji pleasuring her with his mouth in the dark street. Images of Deji fucking her were flashing through her mind without any let-up try as she might to suppress them, and she was becoming so consumed with need she could barely think straight.

“I think I should go too, Bianca. I’m kinda tired.”

“Oh?” Bianca looked disappointed. She lived just a few streets away from Samira, which meant they should share a taxi. She darted a look at the man she had met while they were waiting on line when they first got in – he was standing at the bar having a drink and openly eyeing her. Bianca had spent most of her time in the club dancing wildly with him and much of the last hour kissing him.

“You can stay.” Samira said, suggestively raising her eyebrows to gesture at Bianca’s new beau. “I’ll be alright.”

Bianca grinned “Are you calling that guy?”

Samira shrugged and smiled mysteriously “Maybe.”

Bianca gave her an odd look. “But he’s really not your type, though, right?”

“Maybe I’m broadening my horizons a little.” Samira said, trying her best to sound flippant and keenly wishing Bianca would drop the subject.

Bianca shrugged her shoulders in a way that said ‘whatever floats your boat’ and directed a naughty smile at her friend “So you ‘are’ gonna call him? Tonight?”

“I said,” Samira smiled back, relieved that the subject of her ‘type’ had fallen by the wayside. “ … maybe.”

“C’mon! It’s your birthday!”

Samira laughed and hugged and kissed her friend good night before she went up the stairs. She went outside and waved good bye at the bouncers as she set off and headed for the street where she had had her last encounter with Deji.

She got there quickly and disappeared into it, going to the end. Looking around and up the block of flats to make sure nobody was around to see her, she lifted up her skirt and undid the lycra straps of Deji’s contraption. She moaned a little as she withdrew the bulbous rubbery thing from inside her. She let her skirt drop as she looked at it. It’s ribbed and knobbly striations gleamed wetly with her cum in the faint light and it smelled strongly of… her. Samira felt her pussy begin to contract again around a much larger imaginary intruder and she trembled as she carefully wrapped it in tissue paper and put it in her purse. Still trembling, she walked out of the street and headed back to the front of the club, hoping Deji had her panties with him – she had completely forgotten them once he had slid them off her and continued eating her out in the street.

Samira felt the cum flowing out of her as she walked, her nipples pebble hard on her boobs. The ‘thing’ had not just made her want him more as she had thought it would – it had her on the edge of madness with desire. She reached for her phone in her handbag and automatically dialled a number as she put the phone to her ear – realizing that she had effectively made herself not a liar to Bianca about getting the guy she was dancing with’s number and giving him a call.

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