STORY: Birthday Girl – Part 2 [$uper Er0tic]

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Quickly, she ran up the stairs and went past the ticket booth to the entrance. There were even less people lined up. But no Deji.

Leaving so soon, Ma?” one of the huge bouncers, with the scar over his eye, asked. “The night’s just starting.”

“Don’t worry. I’m coming back now now.” she said, smiling at the large man before she continued looking around for Deji.

Oh okay.” the guard answered, turning away to pat down the man in a couple before he let him in.

She saw Deji to her right, leaning against a car little distance away. He saw her and, slowly got off the car and walked on until he disappeared around a corner. Samira, casually started walking after him, feeling her heart beat faster the closer she got to the corner. She turned it and nearly cursed out loud when she did not see him immediately. Then she saw looking at her from the mouth of a darkened street (five feet away from her). He grinned and moved into it, out of sight. Samira moved quickly to follow him and entered the street to discover that it was an empty dead end, the only illumination a fluorescent light bulb far up on an apartment building six floors up and the silver light barely reached down to the second floor. Feeling her pussy begin its familiar contractions in anticipation, her naughty side cheering her on, Samira decided that it was more than private enough. Deji was leaning on his side against the wall, looking at her with his familiar predatory gleam.

Samira let out a moan and nearly ran to him. She pushed him up against the wall and began to kiss him, hands going down to feverishly unzip him out of his pants. He kissed her back, kneading her breasts through her top, licking at her lips and her licking and sucking hungrily back as she reached into the fly of his jeans and boxers to pull out his dick. He froze as she began to stroke his full length and then gently pushed her away to the perpendicular wall that made the street a dead end.

No. Later, Samira.” he said after a deep breath, swiftly returning his member back into his pants and zipping up.

Samira stared at him, confused and trembling. Then she smiled devilishly and began to hike up her skirt till it was bunched around her hips. She was wearing a particularly tiny thong and she moved the lace to one side, exposing the parted and wet gleaming lips of her vagina.

“I need you, Mr. Adeosun.” she whispered as she began to stroke herself, eyes locked on his. “I need you to fuck me.” She plunged a finger into herself and shuddered as her other hand went up to cup and squeeze one of her boobs through her top. She fondled her soft flesh as she continued to piston her finger into her pussy.

Please?” She kept her eyes on his through her shuddering and the low moans in her throat. She smiled as he took a step towards her, the hunger in his eyes reflecting her own, and her finger exited her pussy and began to circle around her clit. She leaned her back against the wall and bent her knees so he could see her more clearly in the very dim light.

Deji reached her in a rush and Samira once again single-mindedly reached for his zipper. But she never got more than a quickly lost hold of it as he went to one knee in front of her, his head bending towards her glistening pussy. Samira gasped when his tongue touched her, and then whimpered as his lips followed to kiss her swollen clit and suck at her slippery wet folds. Samira held his head with her hands as he ate her, thankful for the wall and her heels, eyes squeezed shut and shaking and quivering as he worked her pussy with his mouth. She had begun to cry out softly when his mouth left her, making her whimper in protest. She opened her eyes when she felt his hands grip the French-cut waist band of her panties and she obligingly lifted her ass off the wall so he could slide them off her hips and again obligingly stepped out of them when they got to her ankles.

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