STORY: Birthday Girl – Part 1 [$uper Er0tic]

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Samira Bello had her full lips wrapped around Deji Adeosun’s erect penis when her phone rang. He was sitting on the couch in his living room in a T-shirt and his glasses, his sweat pants in a puddle around his bare ankles and Samira was kneeling between his legs with her head bent determinedly to her task. She continued to bob her head up and down on his shaft, her hands leaving their stroking duties to search for the vibrating handset in her purse as it hung down from her shoulder.

She was licking up the leaking pre-cum from the head of his penis when she brought the phone up to look at the name of the caller on the screen. ‘Bianca’ it said. Impatient Bianca, wondering how come ‘dropping off a message’ was taking so long. Samira slid “answer” and took her mouth off him.

“I’m coming. Give me like two minutes!”

“Oya, hurry up now!” Bianca laughed. “We want to get all the fine boys before some other women snatch them up!”

“Uh-hmm.” Samira hummed in acknowledgment, her tongue going up and down his cock before Bianca had gotten out her second word. Her eyes locked on Deji’s amused face as she touched the hang-up icon and continued what she was doing. She licked, sucked, kissed even as she stroked his shaft with her hands, and she fondled and licked his balls and repeatedly took him back into her mouth until he gave a sharp cry and jerked as his cum began to enter her mouth in spurts. She closed her eyes and swallowed.

Two and a half months since their first fateful night of hard sex and a weekend she had spent naked and being fondled, kissed, licked and fucked in her flat and then his, their ”arrangement” had not burned itself out. And sex with Deji had become a rather regular part of her life. At least two days of every week, sometimes three, once or twice four, involved at some point, Deji’s dick or tongue sliding inside her pussy and a significant number of orgasms before they took their leave of each other. Her last two month’s entries into her journal made it read like a sex novel and she had not showed it to her best friend since she made the decision to enter in that first night with Deji… in rather explicit detail. Afterwards, Samira found herself entering as much of every encounter as she could.

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