STORY: Massage for S*x II [$uper Er0tic]

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I felt my dick twitch with excitement at this new sensation. I thought quickly to myself that if it happened again I was going to flick my tongue out and lick it through the towel. I didn’t have to wait long, again Ada ran her hands down my arms and this time when I felt the nipple on my lips, instinctively I flicked my tongue out to meet it. I heard Ada gasp and back up immediately when she felt my tongue touch her button. OH! OH! I thought to myself, I’ve gone too far and now I’m in trouble.

To my surprise, Ada lowered herself down again, this time pressing more of her boob to my mouth. Immediately I knew she liked what I had done, so I did it again. This time brushing it with my tongue and then giving it the lightest nibble.

This light flirtation was keeping my dick in a semi erect state, not completely hard but neither had it deflated, it kind of limped to the left resting along my inner thigh. Once she had kneaded my chest and neck for several minutes Ada moved again towards my feet. Picking one foot up and placing it against the valley of her breasts, she ran her hands over my legs towards my upper thigh and then inwards, stopping below my groin and millimetres below where my semi-erect dick lay.

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