7 Reasons Why You’re Not Losing Weight Even Though You Work Out

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The fitfam life isn’t easy.

Whether you’re trying to lose weight or trying to be hot like fire, you will join the fitfam life. And trust us, that lifestyle isn’t easy at all. Now for those trying to lose weight, the scale and measuring tapes are like teachers who either approve or disprove depending on the numbers. If you have been trying to lose weight but aren’t even though you”re exercising like crazy, here are some reasons for that:

1. Lack of portion control

Portion control is important to weight loss. You might be eating too much food which is impeding your weight loss. A good way to reduce how much you eat is to drink a glass of water 30-40 minutes before every meal.

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2. Water retention

If you’re retenting water, your weight will not go down. Water retention can be caused by inadequate intake of water, too much consumption of salt or medication. You should drink enough water during the day and reduce salt intake to counter water retention.



3. Eating too much fruits

Although fruits are considered healthy, too much of them is bad. This is because many fruits are high in sugar which gets converted into glucose and then fat. Fruits should be eaten in moderation. Rather, load up on more veggies.

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4. Overestimating how much you burn

If you over-estimate how much calories you burn every time you exercise, you will end up eating too much food which makes your weight stay the same. A fitness tracker will help you keep track of how much you burn daily.

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5. You’re not eating enough proteins

A high protein diet prevents lsowing down of metabolism and weight regain. A high protein breakfast helps reduce cravings during the day and keeps you full for longer.



6. No resistance training in your exercise regimen

If you’re not doing any resistance training like weight lifting, it would be hard to keep losing weight once you reach a plateau. Resistance training prevents the slowing down of your body’s metabolism.

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7. Lack of proper sleep

Inadequate sleep can cause the stress hormone, cortisol, to rise. Increased cortisol level increases your appetite leading to a downward spiral of eating too much food and gaining weight. So get adequate sleep nightly.

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