STORY: Slutty Ngozi and the adulterous married client [Finale]

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He hooked her arms over his head once more and quickly stood up. Holding Ngozi in mid air, his arms holding her up under her ass, her arms around his neck he pounded her even deeper.

Walking her backwards as he thrust furiously into her until she reached the wall, then pressing her against it he continued to hit her pussy with his massive dick.

Ngozi came again, maybe not as hard as the last one but much harder than she normally did. Ngozi was groaning and shaking as Okon felt her pussy go into spasm.


Okon continued to pounding into her with frightening velocity. Knowing there was no way he could cum again for a good while longer.

“AAHHH! OH! THAT’S IT! AAAHHHHH!!!” Ngozi screamed. He went at it still. He thought his heart was going to give out at this rate. Eventually Ngozi’s pussy stopped contracting and she slumped forwards kissing Okon for all its worth.

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Okon’s arms were beginning to shake. He carried her through to the parlour, she kicked off her high heels as they went and they slumped into a comfortable chair. With his dick still hard as ever inside her they both relaxed and just gently ground against each other kissing and breathing into each others mouths.

“3-2.” Okon smiled as she kissed him. He was feeling contented with his endurance now, if his balls hadn’t been completely emptied twice already, there would be no way they could have withstood that last assault.

“Let’s see about that.” She winked.

“Untie me.” He removed the belt from her wrists but she didn’t cast it aside, instead she wrapped it once around her neck then fastened it tight. There was a length which she placed in his hand. Then standing up she walked over to the rug on the floor and they lowered themselves to the ground.

She instantly got on all fours. Quite fitting for doggy style he supposed, to be wearing a dog lead. He placed his now swollen dick back inside her and thrust it to the pussy.

“Oh yes master!” She squealed.

He could have exploded there and then. He grabbed the length of belt and he heard Ngozi choke slightly as he rhythmically fucked her. He could see her breasts swaying beneath her so seductively that he dropped the belt and reached underneath with both hands and held their weight.

“Oh my god.” He moaned. Heaven on earth once again. His pace slowed, and he grabbed the belt again.

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“Why don’t you be a good slut and fuck yourself on this dick. If I am your master then why am I doing all the work?”

Ngozi was getting carried away again, her body still so sensitive all over, as she pushed back into him again and again, screaming with pleasure each time. “Like this master? Is this what you want?” By some miracle, he still couldn’t cum, but he felt Ngozi getting wetter and wetter by the second and she thrusted back and moaned.

“That’s a good slut.” Okon leant forward and patted her on the head.

“Thank you master.” She replied.

He then grabbed hold of her hair and pulled her head back sharply. Leaning over, he kissed her hard, with his other hand he took Ngozi by the throat. Ignoring the belt this time, he gently squeezed. This caused her to go wild she instantly came hard on his dick once again. He felt her juices gush from inside her and she groaned and grunted like a pig as she continued to kiss him with increased wildness.

He let go and took hold of her breasts once more. He pulled her nipples hard and she screamed again. Her pussy still spasming on his dick as she ground around on his balls, panting and squealing.

He still hadn’t cum, this was unbelievable. Any normal man would have been a wreck by now. She looked exhausted but she appeared to have an unquenchable appetite for dick, and what a miracle that was. He  pulled out once she had sufficiently calmed down.

“4-2.” He joked to her.

“Okay. That is it!” She said. “I’m not having this! LIE ON YOUR BACK NOW!”

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“I thought you were teaching me how to be the assertive one?” He laughed and she playfully slapped him across the chest.

He did as he was told. She instantly straddled him. She unhooked her bra and slid herself back down onto his dick.

“Now don’t move a muscle.” She said as she went to work pumping herself up and down on Okon’s dick. The view of her massive breasts bouncing around on top of him was amazing and he felt his dick harden even more. It wouldn’t be long now he thought.

She was building up quite a rhythm, then she stopped and ground herself around, on him. “OH! OH OH! OH OH!” Was all he could say. She knew she had him, but she could also feel another massive orgasm building inside her, she was now so sensitive from head to toe that every touch felt electric.

She placed her hands either side of his face and dangled her breasts into his mouth, wiping them all over his face as he squeezed them with his hands licking and sucking, and chewing on them as he was determined to get as much of them in his mouth as he could.

Her eyes rolled back but she shook her head and tried to get a grip. Then pulling his arms from her breasts she pinned them to the floor either side of his head.

“Take me.” She breathed the words into his mouth.

“I want your cum to fill me up so badly, please oh please Okon. Please fuck me harder.” They locked eyes and Okon could feel his dick twitching, as it felt like his balls were about to burst wide open. Still letting her pin him down, he pounded upwards as hard as he could, smashing his dick into her dripping pussy, the sound echoed around the room.

She began to climax she couldn’t hold it in any longer. Her pussy gripped his shaft so tightly it felt like she was trying to rip it clean off.

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“You asked for it and you are gonna get it.” He said as just then Ngozi began to shake and scream with pleasure. Her arms loosened their grip on his and she clutched she sides of his head in desperation, shaking all over she kissed him so hard he thought she was trying to swallow his face. With his free arms he spanked her ass hard, then grabbed hold of it and held on for dear life.

Semen ripped through his dick and went off inside her like a broken pipe.

Over and over, he squirted so much into her the he could feel a mixture of their juices flowing out forming a pool on the rug. The sensation caused Ngozi’s orgasm to go on for longer but it felt like an hour to her.

Eventually both their bodies began to relax and occasionally still twitching and jerking together they slowed to a stop but continued to kiss passionately.

Time was lost to the pair of them, eventually they both got to their feet rather shakily at first, and all the could do was giggle at how wrecked each one of them looked. Still both naked they made themselves a cup of tea.

Okon signed the papers as Ngozi looked around for her clothes. She threw Okon’s to him, and got dressed.

She straightened herself out the best she could, but she still looked a bit rumpled and didn’t think her sensitive pussy would go down for the rest of the day. Her hair was a mess so she went to bathroom to fix it in the mirror. She noticed the scratch marks on the window sill again and chuckled to herself. Wow that was out of this world.

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Rather guiltily she guessed that if she asked him, he would agree to meet up with her again.

When she was finished she walked into the dining room and Okon was dressed with the papers in his hand. He gave them to her.

“So, what now?” He looked down at his feet. In his heart he knew he desperately wanted to be with Ngozi but his circumstances were problematic to say the least. He couldn’t not sign the papers and not give Ngozi her commission, but by going through with the deal, his future looked sealed.

“You’re a nice guy Okon, but you are married. We probably shouldn’t have done that, as good as it was.” Ngozi had just had one of the best fucks of her life, she wanted to see him again but knew it would lead to a marriage breaking up and she didn’t want that on her conscience.

Okon just nodded, he couldn’t remove the dejected look from his face.

Ngozi left and went to through the gate, turning to wave. He waved back and wondered if that really was to be the last he saw of Ngozi.

Even if it was he would always be thankful to her for letting him be that close to her. For showing him how pleasurable great sex could really be.

He closed the door to his brand new home.

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