STORY: Sl*tty Ngozi and the adulterous married client [Part 6]

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The loud sound of him slapping into her echoed around the enclosed space they were in, he was determined to empty every drop he had into her. Ngozi’s pussy then gripped his dick tight as she gave an earth shattering scream which merged into a low croaky moan. Okon felt her juices pouring out of her like a river this time.

She continued to thrust on his now empty dick for a good few more minutes, cumming the entire time. Her whole body went rigid and relaxed over and over again.

“Oh god, oh my god.” She breathed.

Ngozi didn’t have a clue where she was, she had given over to sheer pleasure and completely lost control. Slowly her senses began to return to her. They remained still for what felt to Okon like an age but it was probably only 10 seconds and just kissed each other passionately.

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Eventually Okon pulled out of her. Their combined juices flowed out gushing onto the floor.

“That’s how you be a man.” She smiled, facing him now she kissed him again. The feel of Ngozi’s huge breasts squashed up against his body caused Okon’s dick to switch.

There is no way I can go again? Surely not? Okon thought to himself. Never in his life had he become erect so soon after shooting his cum. But the more her soft lips caressed his the harder he became again. One hand was gently squeezing her bouncy ass, while the other was rolling her breast around in his fingers. Nope he was wrong he definitely could go again. With a girl like Ngozi he could probably go on forever, with the occasional break for food and sleep.

“It’s getting a hot in here. Shall we move into the kitchen?” Ngozi asked.

Okon realised suddenly exactly what she meant, he was dripping in sweat, it was like a furnace in the tiny room. Stepping out into the relatively warm part of the main house, was like walking into a freezer by comparison. Ngozi held Okon’s hand and walked him into the kitchen. Okon followed, mesmerised by her ass jiggling energetically as she gracefully walked in front of him in her high heels, leading the way.

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This girl was so out of his league and he knew it, but to be fair she was out of everyone’s league. So he told himself to just forget about it and enjoy the ride, and what a ride she was giving him.

They reached the kitchen. Ngozi quickly poured herself a glass of water and drank it down in one go. Okon did the same, he was gasping.

Okon noted that Ngozi hadn’t yet even attempted to cover herself up, why the hell should she he thought, she is flawless and probably knows it. With her skirt pulled up and her blouse wide open revealing her incredible gravity defying breasts, which gave a lovely movement with every slight movement she made.

Ngozi leaned against the work surface looking down at Okon clearly fully erect dick and chewed her lip.

“Well then, what are we going to do with you?” She grinned.

She pushed Okon backwards until the back of his calves bumped into a chair and he instinctively sat down on it.

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Ngozi was in no rush, she was the most satisfied she had been in a long time, but seeing how erect Okon still was she was curious about where it could go. If she had another orgasm even half as good as the last one, it would be time well spent.

Ngozi dragged her nails lightly across Okon’s chest, he flinched with excitement, his dick twitched wildly by itself. Then keeping eye contact she unbuttoned his shirt, pulling it down his shoulders and throwing it to the floor. Ngozi was quite impressed by his physique for a skinny guy, he was reasonably muscular. Next she unbuckled his belt and whipped it out. It was a thin black leather belt so it slipped out easily. Instead of throwing it the floor this time, she placed it over his shoulders.

Not even sure why she did it, but in the back of her mind something told her it would come in handy. The cold buckle against Okon’s hot skin caused him to gasp. Ngozi then unbuttoned the top of his jeans, Okon kicked off his own shoes and socks, then she pulled down his jeans and added them to the pile.

Okon now completely naked except for the belt, couldn’t believe what he saw next. The beautiful Ngozi was lowering herself to the floor a few metres from him. She then got on her hands and knees and slowly crawled towards him, never breaking eye contact, and licking her lips. Okon could have blown his load again right there. He watched entranced as her magnificent breasts swayed beneath her, her bum pointing deliciously into the air.

Ngozi was loving it, she was in complete control for a change and enjoying the role. She placed her hands on Okon’s knees using her polished nails to rake up and down them. She moved up until her mouth was just a few inches from his desperately twitching dick.

“It’s so big, and so nice looking.” she breathed on it and it jerked again. As Ngozi’s nails dragged lightly down Okon’s chest, she broke eye contact for the first time and flicked her tongue across Okon’s throbbing dick helmet, before returning her gaze.

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Okon simply couldn’t believe it, what had he done to deserve this treatment, he thought this sort of things only ever happened in porn, never in real life and certainly never to him.

Just then Ngozi started to gently kiss the tip of his penis. Okon gripped the sides of his chair and let out a deep groan.

“Do you like that?” Ngozi asked, while continuing to kiss along his shaft.

“Yes.” He muttered.

“Would you like to fuck my mouth, Okon?” Ngozi was loving teasing him.

“Oh please, yes please.” Okon was shaking in anticipation.

“Not good enough.” she teased. “Tell me what you want me to do.”

Okon was slightly shocked but he was in the throes of it now. He would have cut off his own arm right then and there, just to have his dick at the back of Ngozi’s throat.

“Suck it, I want you to suck my dick!” He tried to say it as forcefully as he could, but he couldn’t stop his voice from quivering.

“Hhhmmm better…but remember what I’ve taught you. Be a man. Be assertive.”

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