STORY: Sl*tty Ngozi and the adulterous married client [Part 5]

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He saw Ngozi’s perfectly manicured nails scratching along the window, her knuckles numb as she gripped so hard. Then he felt her juices rushing from her pussy, covering his shaft and balls and running down her legs.

She couldn’t believe how intense her orgasm had been, she had been longing for that release all day and now it washed over her in waves. Her eyes rolled back in her head, she loosened her grip on the window now noticing she had left little scratch marks with her nails in the wall.

Well there is a little reminder for you for when you move in, she thought to herself.

She knew Okon hadn’t cum yet and as she was now feeling so sensitive all over, she was hungry for more.

Okon still couldn’t believe what he had just done. Ngozi’s whole body was still spasming, his pace had slowed right down. He wanted to enjoy this experience for as long as he possibly could.

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He gently stroked her ass and she flinched and moaned at his delicate touch. He ran his fingers up and down the thighs. This was beyond any of his wildest dreams.

She straightened up so they were both upright now, with his dick still firmly pushed into her pussy up to the hilt. He briefly worried that she was going to tell him to get off now, she had had her fun and he could finish himself off. But the reality was far from it. She was ever so gently grinding against his crotch, she arched her back and leant her head back so that it rested on his shoulder, her hair now falling down his back.

Turning her head slightly Okon could feel her lips brush against the side of his neck and then she started planting small passionate kisses up and down it. It was yet another shock that he wasn’t expecting. Her felt her tongue run lightly across his skin and he started shallowly thrusting into her again.

“Mmmmm that feels good.” She whispered into Okon’s ear. Then she fastened her mouth around his earlobe and gently began to suck.

Okon felt her teeth pinch his skin. He let out a deep groan of pleasure. Now growing in confidence he reached one hand up and brushed it lightly across her cheek. He could feel the heat erupting from her, her skin was hot to the touch. He gently tilted her head up and their eyes locked for the first time. As he gazed into her deep eyes he muttered.

“You’re beautiful.” Then slowing lowering his face to hers, still rhythmically pumping her pussy in short, shallow thrusts. Okon planted a delicate kiss on her lips. He pulled back an inch and they panted warm breathes into each others mouths, her lips were dry and she licked them seductively.

Ngozi was loving every second of it, she was still getting waves from her previous orgasm and she could feel another one building. He was treating her with such tenderness it made a change from all the rough treatment from men she had received in the past.

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She loved it rough, she had to admit that to herself but this was a new sensation and the feeling building up inside her was amazing. Looking into his eyes, she raised her arm placed it on the back of his head, lowering it until their lips met once more.

She kissed him hungrily, their tongues roamed around each other, exploring their way around. She closed her eyes and kissed him as hard as she could and when they stopped for air she bit his bottom lip with her teeth.

This is unreal Okon thought. There was no feeling of guilt now, this was beyond any experience he had ever imagined he could even have, he knew he would never regret it for as long as he lived. They eventually unlocked their lips. Okon didn’t know how long the kiss had lasted, time seemed to freeze. Ngozi now tilted her head back further, coming to rest on his shoulder.

He could feel her hot breath in his ear. She began to moan and groan again, her pussy was tightening and relaxing on his dick gripping it at his deepest point of thrust, seeming to want to hold it in deep as long as it could.

Okon was staggered that he hadn’t cum yet and could only put it down to pure shock, his heart was hammering so hard he was sure Ngozi could feel it pressing back on his chest like that.

Looking down his eyes were drawn to her incredible breasts. Ever since he had caught a glimpse of the top of her cleavage earlier he longed to know what it would feel like to hold those magnificent breasts in his hands. The only reason he hadn’t grasped them already was fear that it would make him instantly explode in her like a bomb.

He brought his hands up slowly from her hips, keeping contact with her body, he felt how slim her waist was as it curved inwards. Damn that is sexy he thought. He kept them moving upwards until his fingers made contact with the underside of her breasts.

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Wow, was all he could think as he lifted them upwards, for the first time taking the full weight of Ngozi’s massive breast in his hands. He gave them a gentle squeeze, pushing them together, looking down he could see the swell as they rose up through the top of her blouse.

They were so firm, he couldn’t help massaging them harder. Ngozi gave out another long deep groan of pleasure. Okon could feel her hard nipples pressing into his palms and he traced his fingers over them in a circular motion.

“That’s it play with them.” Ngozi panted.

Okon gripped her left breast hard and with his right hand began to unbutton her blouse. The buttons were straining under the pressure of keeping her huge breasts at bay. As each one sprang open Okon gasped at the view he was being presented with. He only managed the top 3 buttons to just below her bra.

He could see her magnificent, marvellous, huge breasts encased in an incredibly sexy black bra. His wife would never look anything like this, he thought. With more vigour this time he grasped both of her breasts and squeezed them hard.

Ngozi groaned with pleasure again. “Do you like my big breasts?”

Okon was almost speechless, all he could say was “Yesss.” In an unsteady, choked voice.

“Show me how much you like them.” Ngozi begged. She was working her way into a frenzy now and knew this was going to push her over the edge. Ngozi loved her breasts being manhandled.

Okon responded to her request by pushing his right hand inside her left bra cup and taking a firm hold of her breasts. There was so much of it he had to move his hand around, squeezing it as he went. Ngozi’s skin was so soft and warm to the touch.

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He pinched her rock hard nipple between his thumb and forefinger and Ngozi screamed with pleasure, almost surprising Okon.

He held her breast up with one hand and with the other pulled the cup of her bra down so it nestled underneath, then repeated with the other. Okon as half expecting them to sag down but unbelievably they were so firm they just held their shape, proudly. He wondered if she even needed to wear a bra at all.

Okon was now almost shaky, he was desperate to cum. He grabbed both breasts squeezing them together and tweaking her nipples. “Pull on them please.” Ngozi again begged. She was rolling her head from side to side on Okon’s shoulder panting heavily. Okon did as she asked and she began to thrust her ass back on Okon’s cock more intensely.

Okon reached his hand up to her mouth and she immediately started to suck long and hard on his finger, rolling her tongue around it. He pulled it out and rubbed it around her hard nipple. She was excited now slamming herself against him as hard as she could. With his other hand, he moved down to her soaking pussy, pushing aside her panties further still and rubbing his index finger against her clit.

She screamed now, and kept screaming with every thrust, she was beyond orgasmic, almost in a state of ecstasy.

“FUCK ME, FUCK ME, FUCK ME, HARDER!!!!” She screamed. Okon was at boiling point, he felt he had gone beyond the point of no return.

Grabbing her across the waist with one hand, the other taking a firm grip on her massive bouncing breasts he held her body close to his own and thrusted into her as hard and fast as he could. Her blouse had fallen off her shoulders now, Okon bent his head and sunk his teeth into her exposed flesh at the base of her neck.

It was the best feeling he had ever had in his life. His balls released and he felt a torrent of cum surge through his shaft and explode into her hot wet pussy. Over and over again his warm, sticky cum, erupted into her

“OHHH FUUUCCKKKK!!!” He yelled as he continued to pound his dick into Ngozi as hard as he could.

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