STORY: Sl*tty Ngozi and the adulterous married client [Part 4]

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She must have felt that! How could she not!?! Then suddenly Ngozi spoke snapping him out of his daze. His heart was thumping rapidly in his chest now.

“I lied earlier.” She said.

“W…What?” His voice sounded high pitched and choked, he coughed. “What about?”

“I did overhear some of the argument you and your wife had.” She said softly.

“Oh…I…um…I’m sorry about that.” He felt very nervous now.

“Don’t be it’s not your fault your wife is such an unpleasant woman.” Ngozi couldn’t believe she had said that, Ekanem was her client, but the words just came out.

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She hardly knew these people, but then again she had called her a slut, maybe Ekanem was right after all.

“She’s not a…” Okon stopped as Ngozi’s ass came into contact with his painfully stiff erection again. He struggled to carry on.

“An unpleasant woman…not all the time, I mean, sorry if she offended you.”

“I’m not offended. I don’t care about her but you shouldn’t let her walk all over you like that.”


“No, you need to stand up for yourself, be assertive.” She wiggled into him again knowingly. Most men would have had their way with her 10 minutes ago she knew that, but Okon was a gentleman. A gentleman that she knew she could break.

Was Okon in heaven? was this really happening? A girl like her, pressing into his hard on and telling him to be assertive? He gripped her shoulders tightly and she moaned again.

Somehow Okon managed to pluck up some courage.

“You want me to be assertive do you?” His mouth was up close to her ear now, as he whispered into it. He saw it sent a shiver through Ngozi as she pushed back with her ass once more. This was unlike him but Okon was letting instinct wash over him. He couldn’t take this teasing any longer, he had to have her.

“Yeah.” Ngozi sighed. “Be a man. Put her in her place.” It was close now Ngozi could feel it in the air, she had him.

Turning her head to look Okon in the eye she repeated herself slowly, punctuating each word “Be…a…man…” Then she bit her lip, knowing he could see her do it.

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Okon didn’t think he just acted. As she uttered her last sentence he reached down and pulled up her skirt. It was so tight that he had to wiggle it up over her hips. Ngozi responded by thrusting herself backwards hard this time, into his crotch, grinding against it with her panties-covered ass cheeks.

Okon thought he might explode right then. He didn’t stop to think how was this happening, it was happening. He swiftly undid his zip with one hand and with the other he pulled Ngozi’s black cotton panties aside, pinning it across her right cheek.

Then with one fluid motion he brought his dick out of his boxers and up towards her, brushing it along Ngozi’s pussy.

He instantly realised how wet she was as his rock hard dick glistened in her juices. Ngozi moaned lustfully as she bent forwards over the toilet and gripped onto the windows.

Okon then thrust it deep into her soaking pussy all the way to his balls. It was so tight, the walls of Ngozi’s pussy gripped hold of it. He looked down and couldn’t believe the sight he saw.

It was like having an outer body experience. He pulled back almost until the tip was out and rammed it back in as hard as he could. Ngozi screamed. “YESSSS…OHHHH YESSSS!!!”

Okon gripped her hips as he pounded into her with every ounce of strength his thin frame allowed him. Her gorgeous ass rippled every time it slapped against his crotch. I must be the luckiest man alive Okon thought. His hands now began to caress Ngozi’s firm thighs.

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He tried to stroke every inch of her thighs and fat ass. He slipped his hands under her ass cheeks and grabbed a firm hold of her ass before pounding her deeper and harder.

“THAT’S IT, FUCK ME!!! OH PLEASE, PLEASE FUCK ME HARDER!!!” Ngozi squealed. Okon’s dick was massive and the sensation of it filling her up as he pounded deep inside her was unbelievable. She was panting and moaning now as she felt her body building up to an explosive orgasm.

Hearing Ngozi, the most beautiful woman Okon had ever seen, begging to be fucked harder was almost too much for Okon. He froze briefly, hardly able to believe what was going on, had he died and gone to heaven? no this was real.

“NO NO, DON’T STOP.” Ngozi pleaded during Okon’s brief pause. Then she started ramming herself back down onto his shaft, grinding her hips on him as she went. Okon felt his dick tighten even harder. Ngozi was actually fucking herself on his long hard dick, oh my lawd he thought.

It was too much. He slapped her ass hard, it rippled and she groaned loudly. He gripped her hips once again and went to work pounding as hard and fast as he could into her.

That was all it took for Ngozi.


“OH! I’M CUMMING!!!!” Her voice rose into a howl and Okon felt her pussy gripping his dick so tightly her nearly went off like a rocket too but the shock of everything caused him to hold on.

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