STORY: Sl*tty Ngozi and the adulterous married client [Part 3]

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Okon wasn’t sure what to do, he hesitated, debating in his own mind whether or not to enter in behind her. Eventually he just went in, he desperately wanted to touch Ngozi, even if it was just to give her an innocent shoulder massage.

He just hoped he could keep his manhood in check, and standing so close behind her, he worried he might not be able to.

Ngozi glanced over her shoulder as Okon walked into the cramped bathroom. Naughty thoughts still raced through her mind, she knew full well that they should probably go back to the dining room where there was more space, but she wanted to push Okon to his limits, so stood there patiently.

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She suddenly remembered the last massage she had got from her ex, Olu’s father, and look where that had ended up.

Eventually Okon raised his arms and placed his now shaky hands onto Ngozi’s shoulders. Her blouse felt amazing on her skin, so soft and silky to the touch. He started off tentatively. I can do this, he said to himself, just don’t get a hard on, please.

She let out a small gasp as Okon’s fingers pressed more firmly into her shoulders. It felt amazing, his hands were miracle workers, she could feel all her tension evaporate away.

He soon got into a familiar rhythm. He had done this so many times before, this was no different, at least that is what he tried to tell himself. Never had he massaged a woman as incredible as Ngozi though, she was like every man’s wet dream come true.

He could feel her bra straps beneath her blouse, and as he worked his thumbs along her spine pushing them up towards her neck and just below her ears she let out a groan that almost sounded orgasmic.

That was it, he couldn’t help it, his dick twitched and jerked in his trousers, there was no way of stopping it and now it pushed hard and painfully against his jeans. He just hoped she wouldn’t notice and carried on.

“My god that feels amazing.” Ngozi whispered at him.

“I know why you have taken this up for a career, you are so good at it.” She sensed Okon was shaking a bit and knew her moans and gasps would be sending him into a bit of a craze but she was enjoying herself so much she just couldn’t help herself.

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His firm but sensual touch was beginning to send her wild, her nipples felt like bullets in her bra, and her juices were flowing freely through her soaked panties. Her skin started to get goosebumps all over.

Okon pressed his thumbs deeply into her shoulder blades once more, causing Ngozi to arch her back towards him. Her hair brushed against his nose, the smell of her fragrant perfumed hair washed over him. His erection was becoming almost unbearable now.

He couldn’t do anything though. He was married, and besides Ngozi wouldn’t let him, she couldn’t possibly….could she? He looked down to see that her perfect round curve of an ass was only inches from his swollen dick. Every time he drove his fingers into her back, she clenched it and it move every so alluringly.

He was a good 6 inches taller than Ngozi even with her heels on. Their bodies were so close together now, with Ngozi’s back arched, that when he looked down he could see her incredible breasts sticking proudly out from her chest, seeming somehow to defy gravity.

As he gripped the tops of her shoulders it pulled her blouse even tighter to her chest, then as he released pressure the material relaxed causing them to move. My god she is so beautiful he thought.

Unbeknownst to him, Ngozi was almost maddeningly turned on. She bit down hard on her lip to stifle a moan of pleasure. His touch combined with her busy mind were causing her breathing to become rapid. There is no way she could cum just by being touched this, surely that was impossible wasn’t it?

How embarrassed would she be if she started having an orgasm right now, she wondered how Okon would react. Ngozi was trying to resist the urge to reach down into her panties and rub her clit furiously to bring out the satisfaction she now desperately craved.

Out of the corner of her eye Ngozi could see the bathroom mirror. She turned her head slightly and she could see Okon’s reflection in it. He was shaky again she could tell, but then as she looked down she noticed the evident tent in his jeans. It was massive, so much so that he had to shift it away from her just to avoid touching her with it.

At least he’s a gentleman Ngozi thought. So he was as turned on as she was and by the looks of things he was  a dude with big dick. She couldn’t? Could she?

Ngozi wanted that dick and she wanted it now, his wife was a totally rude to her earlier and she wanted to make her pay for it, no matter how wrong it was.

She inched back and could feel for the first time a gentle brush of something hard against her ass cheeks. She smiled to herself. Then moved away from it again.

“Oh god” Okon thought, did she feel that? She didn’t seem to react. Then as he ground my fingers in again she groaned and moved her ass back touching the tip of his dick again this time lingering a little longer and giving her ass a little.

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