STORY: Sl*tty Ngozi and the adulterous married client [Part 2]

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“Of course darling.” He bent to give her a kiss on the cheek but she ignored it and walked to the door.

“Thanks for all your help.” She said rather sarcastically to Ngozi, giving her another sneering grin.

What a nasty bitch, Ngozi thought to herself. Okon just looked rather embarrassed by the whole situation.

“You didn’t…hear…any of our little argument, abi?” He asked Ngozi doubtfully.

“Argument? No…no I didn’t hear a thing.” She lied. Okon seemed relieved by that as his shoulders relaxed back down. He knew his wife had called this beautiful woman a slut and would have been humiliated if Ngozi had heard.

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Okon had been married almost a year now. He and Ekanem had dated for 6 years before marrying, since Okon was 21. She was the only one he had ever been with sexually, as he was a virgin up until then. But she was right, he did have a wandering eye at times. Ngozi was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. Those big eyes, luscious red lips, beaming smile that lit up her face.

Gorgeous hair pulled back into a ponytail, and smooth, unblemished, skin. Her figure was equally phenomenal. Such a huge pair of breasts for someone with such a tight waist. Long perfect legs and an amazing round ass which jiggled so temptingly when she walked.

It was true that he was incredibly turned on by her. When she bent over earlier and he glimpsed that she was wearing thongs, he had gone almost light headed and got an instant erection that he hoped she hadn’t noticed.

Okon had never thought about cheating on his wife though, she was dominating and hurt his feelings at times, but she was the only one he had ever loved, the first and only.

That thought often scared him, that he would never experience the touch of another woman for as long as he lived, he wished he had been a bit bolder in his younger years and had been able to talk to girls more easily, but he had missed his chance now. His life was set on a path that he would just have to follow.

“Shall we head back to your office to finish signing this documents then?” He asked Ngozi.

“There’s no need for that.” She smiled. Ngozi was delighted in the prospect of closing another deal, that would add to this month’s bonus, her own place was looking closer and closer to becoming a reality by the day.

“I have all the necessary paperwork here. Shall we go through to the dining room and get it all sorted?”

“OK sure, that sounds great.” Okon smiled back, he couldn’t help himself, but the prospect of spending more time alone with her was an intimidating one he had to admit.

He thought he would be fine in an office with other people around, but what if he got an erection again? that would be embarrassing.

They sat for a few minutes around the table. Okon noticed Ngozi had done her top button up. Well at least that was some sort of relief, not much though, he could still make out the outline of her bra through her tightly fitted blouse.

The atmosphere was more comfortable now however. They talked and joked and seemed at ease in each others company. Okon’s heart still couldn’t help but faint a little each time she looked at him, giggling at his jokes. He knew he would never in a million years, ever have a chance with a girl like Ngozi, she was perfect.

She probably had a rich body builder for a husband, with a massive dick and a flashy car. But she was unknowingly flirting with him a bit, playing with the thin strands of hair which fell either side of her face, he was loving it though, who wouldn’t.

Ngozi was slowly realising that Okon was actually a really nice guy, which made her feel even worse about her behaviour before. His wife was a total bitch, but he was funny and she felt at ease around him. That wasn’t the only thing she was feeling however. Her pussy was beginning to dampen her little black panties. She may have woken up horny, but it was getting worse.

Okon was a nice guy, she didn’t want to be a home-wrecker, but for some reason thoughts of him just sweeping the papers off the table, grabbing hold of her and forcefully fucking her across it, started rushing through her mind, she didn’t want to think it but she couldn’t help it.

Ngozi could feel her nipples beginning to stiffen inside her bra and her clit began to throb.

Ngozi shook her head a few times to try and rid the thoughts from her mind. As her head swished from side to side her breasts jiggled slightly. Something which Okon couldn’t help noticing, his dick gave and unwanted twinge again, he didn’t want to touch it to suppress it for fear he might make the situation down there worse.

“Are you all right?” Okon asked.

“Yeah I’m fine. Only a few more signatures and we are done.” Replied Ngozi whilst handing the last few papers across the table to him.

“Tell me Okon, what do you do for a living? I haven’t asked.”

“Oh I’m a chiropractor.” He chirped up.

“A chiro-what?” Ngozi looked puzzled.

“It’s to do with massaging and joints and stuff.” Okon looked almost ashamed as if this wasn’t a very manly job to admit to having, but it paid well and he was happy doing it.

“Wow!” Ngozi exclaimed. “My shoulder has been hurting for days now, I would have asked you to massage me but your wife would probably try to kill me.” She hadn’t meant to say it, but it was out there now.

Okon choked on his water slightly and the shakiness returned to his joints but he didn’t reply and went to quickly sort through the last of the paperwork. There was about a minutes uncomfortable silence as Okon read through the last page. Then he finally said.

“It says here there are two toilets? I only noticed the one upstairs.”

“Oh yes! There are two. Did I not show you? There is a small toilet under the stairs. Would you like to have a look at it?”

“Probably I should if I’m getting the place, haha!” Okon joked.

“Follow me.” Ngozi stood up, straightened her short skirt and walked into the lobby, she opened the door to the downstairs toilet and turned on the light. It was quite bright in there already, there was a window that looked out onto the road, the bottom half of which was opaque but you could look out of the top half and see cars driving past out on the main road.

Ngozi switched on the exposed light bulb, remembering her training. Always turn on lights to make the house as appealing as possible.

“It’s quite basic, just a toilet and a sink.” Ngozi gestured to each accordingly. The room was only about two metres long and a metre wide. Okon peered in and nodded.

“It is always handy to have two toilets though.” Then Ngozi remembered the storage space.

“Look there is also this cupboard up here.” She reached up high to show him, then screamed with pain.

“Have you hurt yourself?” Okon asked looking concerned. Ngozi was rubbing her shoulder.

“I was telling the truth before.” Ngozi said. “It’s my shoulder, it really is giving me problems.” She looked in pain.

“You might have pulled something. I don’t mind giving you a quick massage, to try and work the knots out…I mean only if you wanted me to…you know if you don’t that’s fine.” Okon blurted out rather hurriedly.

“Oh please if you don’t mind, that would be amazing….thank you.” Instead of leaving the tiny, cramped bathroom though, Ngozi simply turned around and stood still, arms at her side.

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