Nigerian Lady Calls Out Friend Who Sold Her Child For N300,000, Gave Boyfriend Gonorrhea And Worked With Kingtblakhoc

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A Nigerian Facebook User, has called out her friend, and accused her of selling her child for 300 thousand naira only.

Faith Rejoice

Identified as Faith Rejoice on Facebook, she called out her friend, Kimberly Lush and accused the latter of advising one of friends, Thinny, to sell her child too.

She revealed some nasty details in the call out, like, she sleep with Yahoo Boys and steal their stuffs, she once infected her boyfriend with gonorrhea.. She casted her Friend Ada after ada worked with Nigerian p*rn star, Kingtblakhoc..

Kimberly Lush

Faith also revealed Kimberly is a full time runz girl, and she’s the type not to use a condom when doing it.. Fam, Faith even accused Kimberly’s mom of taking her to several abortion clinics.

Read the call out below;

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