STORY: New friend [$uper Er0tic]

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John rubbed his eyes again as he stared out his window. He asked the same questions he had been asking himself for the past two weeks. Was she doing it on purpose or what? And how long had she been doing this for? Was this show all for him? Now he moved to scratching his beards.


Two weeks ago, he had gone to the supermarket down the street to get some groceries. Everything had been going on smoothly till he had gotten his cart to the cashier to pay for the things he had bought. There he had seen her for the first time. He was standing behind her and all he could see at first was one of the best ass on earth. Even the long braids she had on did little to hide them. The leggings she had on was definitely on his side. She had a Manchester United on to complete the casual look. She stays close by, John thought to himself.

“Can you please try it again?”. Came a voice John did not believe could belong to a human. It was so inviting and soothing to the ear. God, it was then he knew he did not make a mistake moving to this estate.

“I have, still the same thing. Your bank is probably having network issues”. The cashier was telling her. The lady sighs and rubbed her forehead.

“So now I have to return all this to the shelf or what?”. She asked the cashier.

“I am sorry”. was all the cashier could say.

*This is your chance, don’t dull* John thought to himself as he stepped forward. He stole a quick glance at the lady’s cart just to be sure he could afford what she had bought. He wanted to avoid stories that touch. Seeing it was something he could afford, he spoke up.

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