STORY: Epiphany [$uper Er0tic]

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Thought it was funny,it wasn’t…I never liked the thought of her getting angry at me but then again,I have never been perfect. I scrolled down at the bbm contacts again just to confirm she had actually deleted me. It was true..I could no longer find Joke on my list…I sighed and dialled up her number..rang for a few seconds and the call ended. What was I to do? I picked up my jacket and started out of the office,stupid job that had gotten me so busy in the first place to pay attention to her wasn’t even paying me well. Took the stairs on my way down,the stern look on my face must have been really something because I saw Aisha the front desk Receptionist attempt to open her mouth and say something probably greet me but she stopped half-way.

I stepped out into the cold evening,the rain had stopped a few minutes ago but the wind blowing around wasn’t yet human friendly. I wasn’t bothered,Joke worked at a computer firm a few blocks away. She was having her I.T there,I walked over there in silence. Everything else was blurred out. A few minutes and I was walking to the company complex..her office was on the ground floor and after saying hi/hello to the guard by the door,I made straight for it. After rapping two knocks on the door,I stepped in. It was empty,common sense was telling me to go back outside and wait for her but then again I wasn’t really enjoying a good relationship with common sense at the moment. I stood and looked around. There was two desk,one for Joke and the other was for Bimbo her co-worker who also wasn’t in. I heaved and put my hands in my pocket and turned back.

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