STORY: True Fan [$uper Er0tic]

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That was it! She couldn’t take it anymore. Ada got up and started to make her out of the football viewing center. What had happened in the last ten minutes was beyond shocking. A two goal lead had just been thrown away by Arsenal. And it wasn’t just against any team,it was against Chelsea of all teams! She bit her lips against crying. She was almost out when she heard the voice of her Neighbour John …

“See them see them,Arsenal Fans,dem don dy move!”..what followed was a round of laughter as everyone started jeering and cat-calling. She didn’t bother looking back as she got out and made her way home. Damn Arsene Wenger over and over again. When would he learn? Spend this money?! No-one can win titles without trophies..and hard as it was she had to admit Arsenal couldn’t compete with the likes of Madrid,Chelsea,Barcelona. The difference between the squads were just too obvious to ignore. She was opening her room door when she heard another shout of Goal! That rang out from the viewing center. She sighed and just stepped into her room and fell on her bed. And that stupid John,he was seriously lacking sense. She hissed and kept tossing on bed..didn’t know how long she had napped for but the smell of some good weed woke her up. Then her memories came back,her annoying neighbours were back. She grudgingly sat up in bed and patted her hair. Got up and decided to go give John a piece of her mind before her anger washed away.

Ada walked out to the balcony where she knew the guys would be,smoking and gisting away. There were four of them there but no John in between.. Her anger rose up a notch as she thought of her next line of action.
“Ha,Ada na Arsenal wey lose make you just stand there like statue..come blaze small na”…One of the guys called out to her. She wasn’t ready for this yet.

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