STORY: Pro Bono [$uper Er0tic]

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“Just sex”…He asked again to be sure he heard her correctly,he got a frown in reply.

Ada looked at him again and again and wondered if she wasn’t making a huge mistake. Fine,she knew she wanted to fuck him so bad but with the way he was behaving like it was some big deal. Why couldn’t he just get through his thick skull that all she wanted from him was a good fuck and nothing more.. no emotions..nothing else. And if he fucked as fine as he was handsome then they could always continue. But seeing his presently excited reaction,something told her to walk away. And she obliged,picking up her bag and cup of coffee..She stood up and walked out the cafeteria leaving him with an open mouth.

Chei,I don fuck up ooo…Frank sat thinking to himself,the hottest lady in the firm had just ask if they could have sex and he had behaved like a secondary school student. He scratched his beards and frowned,He had just thrown away a penalty. But who could blame him? Ada was the hottest lady in the firm,yes but also the most unapproachable. Conversations with her that weren’t related to office work were kept brief as possible with one word replies. But that didn’t keep almost all the guys at the law firm drooling over her,he had managed to be one of the few who didn’t. True she was a stunning beauty with a body to die for but he wasn’t really into ladies who couldn’t hold a conversation. That had been his stance till a couple of days ago in the boardroom she was seated right next to him,a meeting was going on and her pen had fallen to the ground. The gentleman in him had rushed to help her pick it up right about the same time she bent over. Their heads had hit each other and looking up to apologise to her,his eyes had been transported down her open buttoned shirt right between her massive cleavage. Right there and then in a room full of people he had a massive erection. She had just given him a cold stare and frowned as always. H couldn’t remember if he apologised or not but since then she had been all up in his head. He woke up each morning with an extra hard boner thanks to her and to make it worse,he had been fucking a friend of his during the week and while spanking her all he could think of was Ada been bent over. Then he knew he was in trouble,today had only triggered off the time bomb in his head and dick.

“Guyyyyy!”….Dotun,his friend and colleague snapped him back to reality as he took his seat right across him.

“Wetin do you? Your face is all pale like you don see devil”..Dotun continued.

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