7 Dope Fashion Trends That Will Continue Trending Through 2018

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You can bet these trends to continue through 2018.

When it comes to fashion, there are trends that die out as fast as they come, and there are others that stick around for some time. Come 2018, there are fashion trends that will fade away, but the ones discussed here will make the cut for sure or so we hope.

Here they are:

1. Mules.

This is the backless type of shoe with a closed front part. Mules come in different forms such as heels and flats but it all depends on one’s taste. They are super stylish and versatile.


2. Designer scarves.

Designer scarves have been in limbo for a while but they are now back! You can either choose to wear the designer scarf as a headband or a neck accessory.


3. Embellished sunglasses.

With the holidays coming, many people will be heading to the beach. You should start getting a pair of embellished sunglasses before traders catch the holiday fever and start charging exorbitant amounts for stuff. Such sunglasses evoke a bold and mysterious look. This fashion trend will definitely make it to 2018.


4. Flared pants.

These pants have become a fashion trend that everyone wants to rock in the streets. Flared pants have a stylish appeal and will thus make it to 2018.


5. Ruffle outfits.

Ruffle outfits have always been in fashion and were really big this year and you can expect them to make it 2018.


6. Vintage heels.

Vintage heels are nothing short of classy.  You can wear them to the office and social events. Vintage heels will definitely make it 2018.


7. Ankara head wraps.

Ankara head wraps are great for those bad hair days and it’s likely that this fashion trend is here to stay.

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