Ladies, Here Are Panty Mistakes You Probably Make Without Knowing

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It’s time you stopped making these common panty mistakes.

Undergarments are usually intimate and private. Therefore, it’s easy to get it wrong because no one ever gets the chance to correct you.

Here are 7 Panty mistakes you probably make without knowing:

1. Washing with perfumed detergents.

It is always good to read the washing instructions on your panties before washing them. Use non-perfumed soap when washing because some perfumed soaps have the potential to affect your cookie. Thereafter, you can rinse with cold water.

perfumed detergents



2. Wearing a smaller size than you are.

Wearing a smaller size panty can be uncomfortable. You might get a bad itch; which can seriously ruin your day. Always choose the right size to ensure maximum comfort.

small pant


3. Wrong outfit, wrong panty.

Don’t you think seeing someone’s panty lines dents their image? If you are wearing a tight dress, then you need to ensure that your panty is seamless.  If you are not comfortable with seamless panties, then don’t wear tight clothing.

panty issue



4. Wearing a panty for more than three months without replacing.

It is advisable to replace your entire panty collection every 3 months.

panty for three months



5. Wearing white panties with white dresses.

If you wear a white dress and white colored panties underneath, then be ready for the panties to show. If you are going to wear a white dress, then always wear a black colored panty.  This way, your panty line won’t show.

wrong panty



6. Sleeping with panties.

Sleeping in panties is not ideal.  Let your cookie have some fresh air.

panty mistakes



7. Choosing the wrong fabric.

Cotton panties are the best. They absorb sweat and are quite comfortable. You are less likely to get yeast infections in such fabric.

panty mistakes


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