Ladies Here is the Quick, Easy and Fast Way To Tie The ZigZag Gele Style (Watch 5 Minutes Video Tutorial)

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The zigzag gele is the trending gele tying style that has fashion enthusiasts wowed! We love when people are creative with their work/art. The art of tying gele is a skill not many have mastered yet.

The zigzag gele style is very beautiful and this beauty is even made obvious when two different colors of asooke are used.

Beautiful in blue


If you have seen this style on social media and have been wondering how it was achieved, we are here to help you with that.

Cc @_smithholly_ 💄 @dg_pro_makeover

In this video by Misykona, she gives us a quick tutorial on how to achieve this beautiful gele tying style that i am sure you will love as much as we do too!


Watch Video below

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