STORY: A play date with Amber [$uper Er0tic]

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A “play date” with Amber (Hide-n-peep sequel)

A few hot summer days went by since the hide-and-seek game. I couldn’t stop thinking about what I saw from the tree I was hiding in. I jacked off to the mental image a couple of times since then. The weekend was coming up and my parents were going out of town for the night on Friday. They asked Jason’s parents if I could stay at their house while they were gone. This was going to be fun.

Playing Playstation and staying up all night with my best friend. Around 4:00 on Friday afternoon, I was at Jason’s house. His parents told me that he wasn’t feeling good so he was in bed. They had plans to go to dinner and a movie so Amber was in charge. I told myself, ‘this is going to be dumb now. My friend is sick and Amber wasn’t into video games.’ Amber came down stairs to get some soup and water and bring it to Jason. After she did that, she yelled to me, “I’ll be down in a few minutes Brett.”
“OK,” I said back to her.
Soon after that I heard the shower running. “YES!” I said quietly. “The robe, the wet hair. Sweet.” I was watching some movie about aliens when the water turned off. I slowly crept to the stairs and poked my head around the corner just in time to see her bedroom door shut and hear her lock it. “Oh well, maybe not tonight,” I said as I walked back to the couch. As I was sitting there, watching the movie, Amber came down the stairs and went into the kitchen. She got two ice cream sandwiches out of the freezer. Walking toward me she said, “Think fast,” as she threw one of them to me. It hit me in the cheek as I turned my head to look at her. She ran over to me to make sure I wasn’t hurt. She had a small t-shirt and those same short soccer shorts on. I told her I was fine as she bent over to look at my cheek. The t-shirt was too tight so I couldn’t see down it, but it outlined her breasts and hard nipples nicely. She stood up in front of me double-checking to make sure I was OK. I tried, but I couldn’t stop staring at her breasts. I’m sure she wasn’t wearing a bra.
She sat on the couch with a seat between us. She was leaning away from me with both feet up on the couch. I had a good view of, what I thought was perfect, her butt. The shorts were shiny satin material and, like her shirt, were small. “Who won the hide-and-seek game the other night Brett?”
“I did.” I told her. “W wasn’t found until you saw me in front of your house. I was hiding for like 20 minutes. I finally gave up.”
Where were you hiding? It must have been a good spot.”
Inside, I jolted, ‘does she know I was watching? There’s no way. It was too dark,’ I thought. “I was in the bushes by the fence. It was completely pitch black. No one could see me.”
“Good job! What movie is…DAMMIT!”
“What?” I questioned her outburst.
“This ice cream bar is melting and it dripped on my shirt. I love this shirt.”
“Maybe you should eat it faster instead of talking so much,” I said in a smart-assed tone, but she knew I was joking. “How much dripped?”
She turned herself toward me. Sticking her chest out so she could see the ice cream drip and show me where it dripped. As she turned, her legs opened up and she was sitting cross-legged. I had a clear view of her small shorts pressed up against her panty less pussy. “See,” she said, pointing at her right breast. “It dripped right here.”
“Oh that’s not so much. Why don’t you just lick it off?”
“You little perv!”
“No, no. I didn’t mean it like that Amber. You’re my best friend’s sister. Do you really thing I would look at you like that?” I said in an honest, innocent voice. But after she said that, my mind flipped.
“What did you mean by that ‘I should lick it up comment Brett?”
“Nothing. If I spill something on my shirt I always lick it up and then go rinse it off. That’s ALL I meant.”
“OK, sorry. I thought you were trying to get me to do something else.”
Amber, still facing me, pulled her shirt to her mouth and licked the ice cream off of it. In doing so, I saw her flat, tanned stomach. She had her belly button pierced with a small pendant and what looked like a diamond hanging down. She caught me staring at it and said, “What are you looking at?”
“Your belly button ring.”
“She rolled her shirt up to just below her breasts saying, “Oh this?” giving it a flick. “I’ve had this for a few months. Do you like it?”
“Yeah, I didn’t know you had one of those.”
Standing up, Amber said, “I’ll be right back. I gotta go rinse this stuff off my shirt.” She walked to the kitchen and turned on the water. I went back to watching the movie.
After about a minute, Amber came back to the couch and sat on the cushion next to me, but this time she had a blanket draped over her. She said it was because she was cold, but I think it was to hide her wet shirt and hard nipples.

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