6 Reasons Why You Really Need To Watch ‘This Is It’

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‘This is it’ is web series produced by LowlaDee TV


It’s a romcom Mini-Series following the 1st year journey of the young clueless newlyweds, Dede & Tomide


It stars the handsome Kenyan actor, Nick Mutuma, who plays the role of Tomide, a Kenyan-Nigerian who is married to Dede

Nick mutuma



And the lovely Chiagoziem Nwakanma


This show is amazing guys! So we decided to tell you why you should definitely watch it.


1. Dede and Tomide are an incredibly cute and relatable couple

They both have so much chemistry! I’ve been watching this show for a while and it feels like I’m personally invested in their relationship.


2. It realistically depicts the life of a newlywed couple

Dede and Tomide’s life isn’t always filled with sunshine and rainbows. They both go through some intense struggles but come out of it stronger. I love that the show is so realistic.


3. It bridges Kenyan and Nigerian culture seamlessly

Tomide’s dad is Kenyan, and he lives his whole life in Kenya before coming to attend University in Nigeria. The show gives an interesting glimpse into Kenyan culture and shows how the couple navigates growing up in two different cultures.


4. The music is great

Every episode has a great song that accompanies it. I’ve discovered some new and really talented alternative artists from watching this show.


5. The storyline is dope

The writer of this show deserves great applause. Every episode is a hit back to back. The stories are so interesting that you’d never want the episode to end.


6. The acting is awesome

The members of the cast always bring their A game! The acting is so good, that you’d think you’re watching a reality show.

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