10 Reasons Guys With Beards Make The Best Boyfriends

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It’s a universally acknowledged truth that bearded men are infinitely sexier

There’s something about bearded men that makes them seem more confident and sexy. If you need any more convincing on why you need a bearded man in your life, here are a few (awesome) reasons.


1. He looks so damn hot all the time


2. And the jealous looks you get from other women will always remind you that you’ve snatched a spice



3. If he has the patience to grow and groom a beard, he’d definitely be patient with you


4. His beard makes his kisses extra hot


5. It has been scientifically proven that bearded men are healthier

Beards trap debris and harmful bacteria before it goes into the body. This keeps them healthy and happy.


6. He’s more likely to commit to you

If he can commit to growing a beard, then committing to you will be easy.


7. He looks really masculine

There’s just something about beards that make men look more masculine. Nobody is going to mess with you if your boyfriend has a beard.


8. It tickles you … down there


9. Bearded guys are fun to cuddle

Snuggling your face in a soft beard is comforting and fun.


10. Every time you look at his face, you get to behold his sexy beard

Imagine looking into Idris Elba’s face every time? Won’t you fall in love over and over again?

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