7 Types Of Bags Every Woman Should Have

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As a lady, bags are essential

We ladies just love to lug around a whole lot of stuff, and what better way to keep all this stuff than to get a bag? There are so many bag options and a lot of us have only one black bag that we use for everything. This should not be the case. Here are 7 types of bags that every woman should own.

1. The ‘everyday’ black bag

This bag should be your ‘go-to’ bag. It is very versatile and you can wear it with casual outfits and more serious outfits. It’s also great because it can hold a lot of items at once.


2. The clutch

This is perfect for when you’re going on a date or to a party. It doesn’t have any straps, so your shoulders get to rest, and it gives you that chic, elegant look.



3.  The backpack

Who says backpacks are only for school kids? There are a lot of stylish backpacks out there, especially if you need to carry lots of gadgets.



4. The cross body bag

This bag is classic and stylish. It’s perfect for casual outfits and for dressing up. The best part is that is goes across your body.



5. Beach bag

This is perfect for going to the beach/picnics, and also going shopping.



6.  Fancy night out bag

Ideally, this should be a bag that can hold a lot of items and give you that boss babe look at the same time.





7. Duffel bag

These bags are necessary for weekends away. They can also be used as hand luggage when you fly.

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