If You Spend Money On These Things, You May Never Become Wealthy

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The secret to becoming wealthy is proper financial management

Proper financial management entails discipline with spending, saving and investing. No matter how little you make, if you manage your money really well, it’s easy for you to become wealthy. If you truly desire to be rich, here are some things you need to stop spending money on.

1. Betting tickets

Gambling has ruined great men. Sports betting is huge these days, and it’s made to be addictive. Every time you buy a ticket in the hopes of winning millions, chances are you’re signing away your wealth.


2. Cigarettes

Cigarettes will eat up all your money and ruin your lungs.


3. Weed

You don’t have to be high to enjoy your life. Addiction to weed can lead to disastrous consequences.

Police arrested for selling wee


4. Alcohol

This is another addictive substance that will siphon your money before you can say Jack Robinson.

alcoholic boyfriend



5. Latest gadgets

If you’re obsessed with buying the latest gadgets just to show you can afford it, then you don’t have your priorities straight. You should only replace a device if it’s broken, and you have at least 3 times the amount it costs in your account.



6. Clubbing

If you go clubbing and ‘make it rain’ at the club every weekend, it might be time to reevaluate.



7. Eating out

Going to fancy restaurants is nice, but doing this frequently will leave you constantly broke. Instead, go grocery shopping and make home cooked meals.

J's Restaurant



8. Unplanned expenses

Set a strict budget during the month and stick to it. Random expenses will kill you.



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