Story: Nurse Nancy [Episode 15]

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I lay beneath the inert body of Don Corleon listening as his breathing slowed. He has been breathing about as hard as if he had made a short dash up a small flight of stairs. We had just had another round of crazy sex. The Don was insatiable. He knew how to put those fleshy muscle of his to work not minding the injury on his shoulder. I closed my eyes replaying the sex scene again. Those thoughts got me wet all over again and as if he knew what was on my mind his hand found my breast massaging it gently. Miraculously he got hard again.

“I’m all yours baby. Pleasure me like no one has ever done before” he breathed out

He relinquished himself to me as a plaything with which I toyed with for hours causing him immense pleasure and pain brought on by pleasuring him without giving him relief until he begged for it. I noticed a bottle of honey on the table. Honey is actually nice for some serious foreplay but most people don’t like it because of its sticky nature. I poured some of it on Don’s chest down to his toe making sure I omitted his private part. I began working on him with my tongue starting from his nipple. Licking the honey off his chest trailing my tongue downwards to his laps arousing him. He moaned enjoying everything I was doing. I got to his big right toe then sucked on it imagining it was his dick. I felt his pleasure mounting as I sucked on it curling my tongue round it in between the toe and the toe nail. He gripped the bed tightly. I believed he never knew sucking his toe could give him such a thrill. And then I mounted him; the cowgirl style which he loves so much.

My phone rang. I stretched on the bed, looked at the Don who was still sleeping before I answered the phone. It was Yemisi. Doctor Philip was in town. I jumped out of the bed waking the Don in the process. He saw the look on my face and asked

“Baby who was that?”

“My boss is in town, I have to go” I replied as I took my nightie off. I saw him staring at my massive breasts while he stroked himself under the covers. This guy is unbelievable. We had sex almost throughout the night and still he looks like he wants more. Abeg me I no fit shout. I don taya. Na wetin? Person no be machine oh.

“Well I don’t want you to go” I looked at him like he had lost his mind. I walked out the room into the bathroom like I didn’t hear him. Ten minutes later I was done with my toiletries. I got out and he was still on the bed

“My driver will take u to work and bring you back here ok?“

I don’t mind the luxury at well. I shrugged like it was something I was used to. Done with dressing in my nurse regalia I was about walking out the door when he called me back.

“That is for your lunch” he pointed at the desk close to his bed. On the desk was a bundle of 500 naira note. Wow!!! I was loving this Don already. Drugs must really pay that good for him to give me 50gs for lunch.

“I’ve already informed my driver of the arrangement, he’s waiting for you outside“

I put the money in my bag, leaned over and gave him a mind blowing kiss, whispered thank you in his ear before walking out the door.

The driver was outside beside a black Toyota venza. So I was going to ride in this to work. Life had never felt so good. I greeted the driver before getting into the back seat. Thirty minutes later we drove into the hospital parking lot. I told the driver to come pick me up by 6pm before walking into the hospital in grand style.

“Ahhhh Nancy, who was that?”

I didn’t know Yemisi had seen us

“Nobody dear” I replied walking towards my duty post. She followed me not giving up easily.

“That don’t look like nobody girlfriend now spill it“

Knowing she wasn’t going to give up till I tell her something I answered her

“That’s the driver of a friend who just came back from the states.

“A friend you say hun, introduce me to him since he’s a friend” she grinned with a smug on her face

I knew what she was trying to do and I wasn’t going to let her get to me.

“I will dear“

“I can’t wait“

I remembered Rose and her cousin.

“You got my text right?”

“Yes oh. I directed him to the lab after examining his private part. Babe that boy’s prick is huge oh. Na wa oh!!!”

This girl won’t kill me

“But I didn’t ask you to look at it, I said just take him to the lab“

“Well I don’t miss a chance to look at a guy’s dick na. I love the embarrassment on most of their faces” she giggled before continuing

“And I also love how some of them goes hard in my hand when I hold it to examine what ails them. Some guys no just get control. And I also get a kick out of seeing their faces go red when they realize they have gotten hard” she laughed and I couldn’t help but join her. This chick was just so crazy.

“Abeg Nurse Yemisi free me, it’s too early. I for one don’t like big dicks. It hurts and hits the womb while making love.”

“Babes you no just sabi better thing. There is nothing pleasurable as pain and pleasure combined together“

“I hear you ma. So what do you think is the problem with him?”

“Looks like herpes to me but since he has yellowish discharge then it could be gonorrhea and herpes. The test will tell us more. Poor boy. All the awareness about using a condom still people keep on getting different STI and HIV. I don’t understand it. I remember last year one case we had. This guy was here three times with three different STI. We treat one and some months later he’s back with another one. I had to ask him if he doesn’t know what a condom is and do you know his stupid reply? He said he don’t like condoms. He don’t enjoy sex with it. Can you even imagine such stupidity? I told him to abstain from sex or much those sensitive condoms, though expensive but worth it“

“You are kidding me right?” It was hard to understand one being so uncaring and foolish about one’s health.

“Very foolish I should say. When I told him to be wary before he contacts the dreaded virus HIV thinking that will scare him and make him more careful instead I got a negative response from him. He said he will not die alone, he will share it round the globe to every unsuspecting female.”

I looked at her like she was just trying to be funny but the look on her face says otherwise.

“Na wa oh, one really needs to be 100 percent careful“

“My sister you don see am” before she could say any more two men walked in and asked to see the doctor. I issued them a card since it was their first time then directed them to the doctor James office. I noticed one of them was walking funny. My guess was that’s the reason they wanted to see a doctor. We couldn’t continue with our gist as the ward got very busy. Four hours later I went into the cafeteria to have a quick lunch I had sent one of the cleaners to get for me from the nearest fast food joint. Usually my lunch always consist of rice 50 naira, beans 20 naira, plantain 50 naira and one meat. Today I was going to enjoy a meal of fried rice, salad, chicken and hollandia yogurt courtesy of the 50gs the Don gave to me this morning. Life was looking so good.

“Ahhhh Nurse Nancy oh, what’s the celebration?” Yemisi rounded the table speedily to get to me. I shielded my food using my body when I noticed she wanted to grab the chicken.

“Ehn ehnn, if you need just tell me and I’ll send one of the cleaners to get yours but this one will not do me abeg“

“Why won’t I need? Who sees such good thing and refuses the gesture“

I dipped my hand into my purse, brought out three 500 naira note and gave it to her to send one of the cleaners to get whatever she wanted. Just then Nurse Ngozi walked in. No way was I going to buy lunch for Yemisi without getting for her also. I brought out another three 500 naira note handing it to the cleaner

“What will you like to eat dear” I asked her

She took her seat after surveying my lunch with interest

“Same thing you are having thanks. And can I ask what the occasion is?”

“She just caught a very big fish, saw him dropping her off today” Yemisi answered before I could.

“That’s really nice of you sharing with us” Nurse Ngozi was all smiles.

I blushed “Now don’t you mind her Nurse Ngozi, you know how she is, he’s just a friend” Yemisi rolled her eyes at me

“Don’t tell me you are still giving the ‘he’s just a friend’ lie“

“I’ll like to know this friend too if he’s just a friend” I was really surprised that came from Nurse Ngozi. She was always the nice one. They were all baiting me and I wasn’t going to fall for the oldest trick in the book.

“You girls will. Next time I’ll let him know“

“Ehen before I forget this amebo I wanted to talk, Nancy remember those guys that came in this morning to see doctor?

I nodded indicating I do

“The handsome one got injured in his ass while they were having sex“

My mouth and Ngozi’s own hung open

“You don’t mean it!!!”

Yemisi smiled enjoying how she had captivated us. I remembered the way he was walking. No wonder, no fucking wonder.

“I mean it o. You need to see the damage done to his arse. The poor dude. Thank God it can be fixed if not he’ll be wearing diapers all his life“

“You mean those fine boys are gay?” I just had to ask. I thought it was only ugly guys who find it hard to get girls are gay.

“Yes oh, nowadays sef it seems all the handsome guys have gone gay. Maybe if I make love through the anus I’ll understand the reason they do it“

Ngozi shook her head “are you sure you’ve not done it already Yemisi“

It’s hard to make Yemisi take anything personal

“If I have you’ll be the first to know darling. I heard with lubricant it’s better. Maybe I’ll get one of those and try it out“

Just then the cleaners brought the food and whatever Ngozi wanted to say was lost as Yemisi dived the package. After lunch we all went back to our duty post. Exactly 6pm I saw Don’s driver pull into the parking lot. I couldn’t wait to see Don again. Going back to my self-con apartment was not something I was looking forward to. Most times there was no light and I was yet to get myself a generator. Living alone was really boring and after enjoying a night in Don’s mansion my place looked cramped in comparison. I had this fear that his driver might not come for me and maybe the money he gave me was a payoff. I brought out a mirror from my purse, applied a little makeup before walking out the door to meet him.



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