#STORY: Lily meets her suprisingly freaky sugar daddy

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Lily had been craving Shawarma for a while, waiting to get it, she sees an older guy checking her out, and she gave him a better deal.


“So, which one is less slutty but still sexy” I said holding up two dinner gowns as Blessing walked into my room

She dropped her bag on my bed and frowned

“This is the emergency I had to rush over for eh” She said her hands on her hip

“Yes na, I need you” I said giving her my most cutest puppy face

She walked over, checked out the gowns and picked out the golden off-shoulder gown, it was tight and had off shoulder sleeves, so it’s sexy but elegant

“Oya tell me about this guy, your text didn’t exactly say anything” she said sitting down

Over the week I was having mad craving for Shawarma and I decided to indulge myself, while I was waiting for it to get ready I sighted this really good looking man stealing glances.

He looked like he was in his early forties, he would look up from his tab to look at me.

My legs finally won against my brain and I walked to him

“Hello” I said when he looked up

“Now you can get a better look” I said

“Excuse me?” He said with a look that told me I have made a stupid mistake

“I am sorry” I muttered and made to leave

“It is a better view up close” He said stopping my legs

“Nice! You got me” I said smiling

“I didn’t want you to think I was cheap” He said smiling the side of his eyes wrinkling a bit, he was cuter up close and I could spot some grey hair, we ended up chatting away and when we got our shawarma; he asked to take me on a proper date, the key word being proper; he was a bit old school.

I got dressed and waited, he was at my place at exactly 8pm; so punctual, we drove making small talk to a fancy restaurant in Maitama, the restaurant looked really great with a romantic ambience to it, we got shown to a table and soon a waiter came to take our order, I ordered the sweet potato and chicken ravioli while he ordered the stir fried chicken with an expensive bottle of wine.

We talked about the art world while we waited for our food, the man sure knew his art, our champagne came first and soon we were talking about relationships, he was divorced with kids studying abroad, our food came and we ordered more champagne, we drank some more,talking excitedly, okay mostly me.

“There’s something erotic about how your tongue sticks out” He said

It must have been the champagne, okay I was just really horny but I looked him dead in the eyes and asked

“Would you like to take me home with you”

He stuttered a yes and he asked for the bill while I finished my drink, we drove to his place in eerie silence,he lived alone,his place was fancy and smart, when he closed the door we stood staring at each other, he pulled me into him and we kissed his tongue slipping into my mouth.

He grabbed my ass and I wrapped my hands around his neck, his other hand pulled the back of my head his lips crushing mine, he pulled away leaving me breathless

“Let’s take this inside” he said

We walked fast to his room my heels clicking as we did, as soon as we were in he pushed me to the bed and pulled up my gown to my waist, he reached in and grabbed the band of my panties and pulled it down slowly, I parted my legs and he immediately covered my pussy with his mouth.

He sucked hard sticking his tongue in and sucked, I pushed his head in and he motorboated my pussy lips making me gasp out pushing his head in further, I grabbed the sheets and ground as he sucked the life force out of me

“I’m cumming goddammit! I’m cumming” I moaned out

He pushed his tongue deeper sucking harder when he pulls out, my toes curled and pulled the sheets as my orgasm exploded with me crying out and shaking hard,he came to sit beside me smiling down on me

“My turn? ” He asked

“Fuck yeah” I said giggling

I made to sit up and give him my best blow job ever, when I’m done?  His soul would not be attached to his body, but he stopped me

“Actually I want something else” he said

“Please don’t freak out” he said, people got to know that really means freak the hell out

He stood up and searched for something in his closet, after a while he came back holding something behind his back and lube in the other hand, oh he wants anal,he could just had said

“I want you to use this on me” he said presenting what he was hiding, a strap on.

My mouth out open while he kept talking but I couldn’t really hear what he was saying, I thought about it turning it in my head, how bad could it be really and besides he just gave me an awesome orgasm plus a part of me was really curious, I stood up, took off my shoes and got out of my gown.

I took the strap on and examined it, I put it on trying to repress laughter at my new 8 inch dick, when we were both ready I was standing on the edge of the bed and he was on all four.

I squirted lube on my faux dick and squirted some on his asshole, I rubbed it around his hole feeling him pucker up, it was exciting, I guided the dick to his opening, took a deep breath and started to push into him, I heard him groan softly and I pushed in more.

I started to move loving the rhythm and his gasps and grunts, I picked up pace and his sounds got louder urging me on, I picked up pacing plunging in and out into him faster, he grunted louder and he came hard crashing on the bed

“I would be damned” I thought to myself

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