#TrendopeStories: Obioma, the sl*tty new staff [Must Read]

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Obioma has just resumed work with Edy, and everyone has been eyeing her, who will be the first to sample her in the office.

I work for a financial company in our headquarters in Lagos and this story relates to a particularly exciting incident that happened earlier this year. I reckon I am your average horny guy and I am always on the search for the chance of a hot sexual encounter.

I’d not had much luck for the previous couple of months and so I was now on the lookout for any sexual encounter, never mind if it was hot or not.

I’m doing well at the company, I work in a department of 20 and have recently been promoted to be a team leader of 8 of my colleagues and we all get along really well. We sit in an open plan area in our own desk so there isn’t much privacy but we still manage to have a lot of fun in between our work.

Recently I was called in to my manager’s office and he announced that we had a new member joining my team, a woman called Obioma Peter in her early 20s who would arrive the next week.

The rest of that week was spent fantasizing about Obioma, and I imagined this sexy lady who would satisfy all of my carnal needs. Of course the reality never turns out to match my imagination as I have found out many times in the past. I hoped that this time it would be different.

The next Monday I was sitting at my desk going through my innumerable emails having forgotten that Obioma was due to arrive that day. My phone rang and I picked it up wondering why our reception was calling me, and I quickly hid my surprise when they announced that a Miss Obioma is here to see me. I hurried down to the reception and when I saw Obioma I stopped and stared.

Maybe not the glamorous model that I imagined in my dreams but Obioma was certainly a beautiful lady. She was about 5’8″ tall, with hair that fell to her shoulders. She was wearing a black jacket fastened over a blue top which seemed to accentuate what looked like lovely firm breasts. Her matching skirt was delightfully short, stopping a few inches above her knee and tight on her hips.

She was wearing black polished shoes with high heels. Her face was gorgeous, with deep eyes, and full red lips made to look even sexier with a deep red lipstick.

She smiled and her eyes sparkled as her whole face seemed to light up.


For a moment I carried on staring at her until it slowly dawned on me that she had said something.

“Can I come in?” she said.

I came out of my daze and tried to answer, feeling embarrassed as I realized I have been looking her up and down for quite some time.

“Yes Obioma…I mean no…I mean, welcome Obioma,” I felt like an idiot and at that moment I wanted to crawl away and hide in a hole. Appearing like a randy man isn’t the best way to greet a team member. Quickly I tried to be a bit more professional,

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