STORY: Obioma, the slutty new staff [Part 2]

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Suddenly I realized what she had said. I must have spoken out loud when I first saw her.

“Sorry, Obioma, I didn’t mean to say it. It’s just one of those days” I felt a fool.

“Perhaps I can give you some temporary relief from the stress of today?” purred Obioma and she stepped forward, closing the distance while I just stood in shock and disbelief.

It was only when she reached me, and her manicured fingers traced around the outline of my hardening dick through my trousers that I breathed again. Our mouths met and we kissed deeply, her lipsticked lips tasting sweet, and my hands went round her to hold her close as I was consumed by lust for her.

Her hands continued to stroke and rub my dick through the cotton of my trousers and soon the bulge showed my fully erect dick straining to get out. She broke off the kiss and stepped back a moment, the desire for me showing in her eyes.

“We don’t have enough time, Obioma” I said, my eyes wandering up and down her sexy body, my breath quickening.

“Then perhaps just something to keep us going until later” she timidly said.

I moved up to her, smiling, knowing that she was desperate to please me. I put my hands on her shoulders and spoke softly

“Show me how much you want me, Obioma”.

She looked into my eyes and smiled, slowly sinking to her knees in front of me. Still looking at me she rubbed my trousers, feeling my erect dick again.

“Go on,” I encouraged her and she undid my zip and reached in.

I let out a short sharp breath as I felt her delicate hand wrap around my stiff dick and pull it out. As I felt the cool air on my hot dick I let out a low moan and I looked down at her. Slowly and firmly she pumped her hand on my dick and I felt it get even harder as the sensation of her cool hand stimulated my desire for her.

Looking up at me, she smiled and then gently kissed the head of my dick. The sight of her red lips touching the end of my hard dick made me want to groan in delight, but I wanted more.

“Suck me” I insisted.

Obediently she opened her mouth and slid it over my sensitive dick head, her soft lips clasped around the head of my dick. It felt so wonderful to have my dick head in her warm mouth and I felt her tongue licking across my engorged head.

I was fully erect now, and she started to slide her mouth up and down my smooth dick, her red lips enclosing my dick and giving me wonderful sensations as she sucked me and started to give me a slow sexy blowjob.

Already I could feel the cum rising in my balls as she skilfully sucked my dick, sliding her soft mouth up and down my erect dick, her hands now playing with my balls while my dick slid deep into her mouth. Feeling me close she grasped my dick tightly with her delicate hand and moved her mouth off my dick and looked up at me.

I looked her in the eyes, waiting for her next move.

Her eyes sparkling, she said

“I want you to cum in my mouth, I want to taste your warm cum. Will you give it to me?”

I nodded in reply and she smiled and licked around the head of my dick, slowly releasing her firm grip on my dick, but then pumping her dainty hand up and down my hard dick. Her tongue licking around my sensitive dick head soon got my to the point of no return, her gorgeous blue eyes looking up at me as I felt my cum rising again.

My breathing quickened and I couldn’t look at anything else except her tongue licking the head of my dick. Suddenly she swooped her mouth onto my dick again, taking the head into her warm and wet mouth. That was it, I gave a long groan and my dick began to pulse, and I could feel the first spurt of cum spray into her small mouth.

She closed her eyes for a moment when she felt the cum in her mouth, but then she opened her eyes again, looking at me while I spurted again.

She continued to stroke my dick while just holding my dick in her mouth and it was so heavenly to cum inside her willing mouth, her red lips wrapped around my dick stopping any of the cum from leaking from her mouth.

Slowly my spurting subsided and my dick grew sensitive. She stopped her pumping of my dick with her hand and slowly moved her head back, releasing my softening dick. Sitting back she smiled at me and then tipped her head back, obviously trying to swallow my cum.

It took a moment, because she wasn’t used to either the quantity or the taste, but she managed it, she swallowed my cum before smiling again, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand and saying

“Hmmm, you are a tasty man”.

I quickly put my dick back into my trousers and helped her stand up, holding her slim sexy body close before letting go and picking up the paper I needed for the printer. I was worried now that someone would come and find us.

“I can’t wait until we have some more time later,” She said, smiling at me again. I watched as she moved her hand under her skirt and between her legs, slowly rubbing herself.

I moved over and caught her arm and said “Later, Obioma.”

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