7 Things Girls Love To Do While Indoors Alone

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Girls do weird things in the house.  Many of these things happen when no one is watching.

Here are 7 weird things girls do in the confines of their homes:

1. Going on a sugar rush.

Losing weight is hard meeen…Can you blame us if the ice-cream in the fridge keeps calling?

Baby-eating-Chocolate-Inside-Fridge gif



2. Dancing to their favorite music.

Girls dance to their favorite music in front of the mirror all the time; especially when doing test runs for new dresses; just to see how the dresses will move in the club. I mean who wants to look like a dancing monkey in the club?

dancing girl



3. Dreaming of a flat tummy.

For women who desire a flat belly, pulling in the stomach in front of the mirror is motivation to stop eating those spicy KFC wings.




4. Trying on sexy lingerie.

Every woman wants to feel like a sexy goddess. A woman will try her lingerie in the house just to make her feel good.




5. Chipping nail polish.

This happens all the time. If a girl has chipped nail polish, she will sometimes go on a chipping the nail polish off spree while watching movies. These are some of the sins most girls do but never say.

chipped nails



6. Testing all the makeup in her makeup kit.

For girls who love makeup, experimenting is the name of the game. Practice makes perfect, remember? Many girls love to try different makeup shades in the house.



7. Taking selfies when no one is watching.

Selfies are a girl’s best friend. That’s why girls take selfies in the confines of their home. It’s all about the memories honey!

taking selfies


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