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5 Reasons Why S*x Increases Productivity And Happiness

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In this demanding world, we are all bombarded by many engagements in life. For singles, this is somewhat tolerable as you’ve got no one to share your attention with. But for married people, be alert! Your partner needs you so much.

Most couples overlook their intimate moments. But the fact is that making love can actually help with your productivity and happiness… big time! Below are 5 reasons why:

5 Reasons Why Sex Increases Productivity And Happiness

1. It Unlocks Man’s Emotion

Intimate sharing brings us to the body, to the present moment, to the now. Man often say that having sex makes them feel more loved and desirable; gives them the strength and well-being necessary to face the work with confidence.

What happens in the bedroom really does affect how they feel the next day at the office, making them even more productive. Getting enough sex can boost your confidence, happiness, and self-worth. Sex is a very essential thing not only for physical needs, but also for emotional and psychological aspects. Your partner needs you. Get connected! It’s a matter of connection and communication.


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