15 Times Men Completely Slayed The Makeup Game

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If you think makeup is just for women, think again!

There are male makeup artists who are taking over the makeup world with their brilliance and creativity, and they look really good too! Honestly, they all slay all day. Slay Kings, if you will. Here are 15 pictures of men who are wearing makeup and being badass!


1. Look at the details!


2. Contour on fleek


3. His winged liner is perfect


4. He is really flawless


5. Damn boy


6. Really dramatic look


7. Here’s lovely dark look


8. Stunning


9. His lip and eye detailing is on point


10. So clean! His winged liner is really sharp


11. Dark lippy for the win


12.  Ombre lips >


13. Nude understated look


14. Yellow!


15. Kinging and Pinking

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