Did You Know “The Ting Goes Skrrr” Rapper Roadman Shaq Is A Ghanaian? Here Are More Facts About Him

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This is Roadman Shaq.

The most popular “rapper” in the world right now after his fake rap on BBC 1Xtra show “Fire in the Booth” went viral.

michael dapaah



All over the world now, the quotes “the ting goes skrrr” and “mans not hot” are the most used on social media.

But do you really know the man behind that performance? Do you know he isn’t a real rapper?

Here’s everything you need to know about the man Roadman Shaq.

1. Like mentioned in the title, he’s a Ghanaian.

His real name is Michael Dapaah, born to a Ghanaian mother and doctor father by name Dr. Joseph Dapaah.


2. He has two siblings, a brother (younger) and a sister (older).

According to him, they inspire his performances and career.


michael dapaah


3. He’s actually a comedian, presenter and content producer, not a rapper.


4. He featured in the popular “Meet the Adebanjo’s”, a series about a Nigerian British family.

meet the adebanjos



5. He is best friends with UK-based Ghanaian rapper, Stormzy.

michael dapaah



6. “Man’s not hot” has already been used to produce t-shirts.

They actually sold out in the first week. That’s how popular the quote is in the UK.


7. “The ting goes skrrr/mans not hot going” is to be recorded as a single for download.

Yeah! it is that popular.


8. “Man’s Not Hot” merchandise is also on the way.


9. He has a hit YouTube series #SWIL (Somewhere in London).

It’s what he calls a Mockumentary and it’s a series of funny skits.

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