14 Cute Ways To Style Your Little Girl’s Natural Hair

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Growing up, a lot of us had bad experiences with the creamy crack AKA relaxers

Thankfully, a lot of parents these days are taking care of their daughter’s hair, and making sure they grow healthy natural hair. If you’ve been looking for styling options for your baby girl, here are some really cute ones.


1. Simple Mohawk style


2. Cornrows with a twist


3. Who says little girls can’t rock twist outs fiercely?


4. More defined twist outs


5. Curly Mo hawk


6. Bantu knots


7. Side sweeping corn rows


8. Doughnuts!


9. Bulky twists


10. Another lovely variation of the bulky twists


11. Side sweeping corn rows with beads


12. Double bun


13. Swagged out afro


14. Another simple protective style


14. Isn’t this lovely?

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