#TrendopeStories: Along came a Muse ($uper Er0tic)

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“So, just how much of a distraction am I?” She asked as she took another spoon of the salad in front of her.

“If I could answer that question, we won’t be having this conversation”. I chuckled as I said so.

“Right”. she nodded as she continued with her food. I stared at her and thought of what I had just gotten myself into. I followed the spoon this time as she dipped in her salad and filled up the spoon. I watched as it went up and into her mouth. I know her eyes were meant to be the main attraction but as I watched her lips close on the spoon and I was undecided if it was just me or the spoon seemed to slide out between her lips in slow motion, I came to the realization that there was no part of the lady that could not turn heads. Her whole body oozed seduction, those eyes of hers could snatch even the devil’s soul and this is me being serious. The blue colored braids she had on her head complimented her whole physique perfectly. I was not so sure if I should tell her this. It was possible she would take it as flattery, just another means to get her legs wide open. Then I imagined just how a dick would fit between those lips and I found it hard to breathe. I turned away and pulled my laptop closer. What the fuck was wrong with me? I knew it was going to be quite difficult to remain sane when I asked her to come over to the office. Or maybe it was just me trying to test my limit? Should I say she was the epitome of the perfect lady of my imagination? Or was she for real? I typed out a few sentences, the images in my head needed to be put out. I could not afford to keep them in, even my dick nodded in agreement with me. At the moment, I could not describe how hard my dick was so I am going to skip that.

I stole a quick glance at her lips again and smiled as I went back to typing out this. I remembered the tweet of a few days ago.

‘ Mushroom head, thick and veiny’.

If only she knew that was the perfect description of the monster creeping around in my shorts right now.

“What are you writing?”. she asked.

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