Mr Eazi Was On The Radio For The First Time After The Runtown Saga And Here Are 7 Things He Said

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By now, we assume everyone has acquainted themselves with what’s happening with Mr Eazi and Runtown.


It started when Mr Eazi gave an interview to CapitalXtra and said some interesting things

mr eazi ghana must go



And then Runtown who guessed he was one of the people in question threw shade back at Eazi


And of course, Nigerians came for Mr Eazi in the worst way ever.

Well, Mr Eazi was at The Beat 99.9FM in Lagos and spoke to Maria Okan and Olisa Adibua on the Morning Rush for the first time since the CapitalXtra interview and here are some things he said.


1. He left a job that paid 6,000 dollars monthly

He mentioned that after he got back from Ghana, he got a job in oil and gas in Port Harcourt that paid about six thousand dollars per month but quit because he was not finding fulfilment in it.



2. He used to sell phones at Computer Village

Computer Village in Lagos is the biggest hub for all things ICT ranging from cell phones to laptops, and he revealed he used to sell phones there.

computer village



3. His parents thought something was wrong with him

After he left the $6000 job, he got a Masters degree and when he started selling phones with all the qualifications, everyone thought something was wrong with him. His mother started praying special prayers for him.

eazi romper


4. He made 12,000 pounds doing two shows in London

He describes his big break as getting an invitation to do two shows in London that made him twelve thousand pounds which he used to shoot music videos.

Mr Eazi



5. His CapitalXtra interview wasn’t taking shots together

Mr Eazi said his CapitalXtra interview wasn’t him taking shots at any musician. He just wanted to free his mind.


6. He has songs with Ellie Goulding 

Surprise yeah? Well, Mr Eazi was starstruck when he met Ellie Goulding and he revealed he has something in the work with her.



7. He met his current girlfriend at a party and never intended it to be a relationship

Mr Eazi confirmed his girlfriend is Temi Otedola and then went on to say that he never planned for her to be his girlfriend.



You can watch the full interview 

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