7 Reasons Why People Shy Away From Committed Relationships

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Commitment in relationships requires a lot of sacrifice.

When you are single, your life is your own; you are in full control. No one invades your life. Relationships require a lot of compromise.

Here are reasons why people shy away from commitment:

1. You don’t get to sleep whatever time you want.

If your partner is one to wake up early, you are going to have to wake up; one way or another. If your partner leaves for work and you are on leave, and have to stay home, you will not go back to sleep either. You have to say goodbye remember? If your partner is a night owl, and sleeps late, it’s going to be a problem.

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2. Chores have to be done faster.

Probably when you were living alone or with your parents, you never attended to house chores as quickly. Partners in a committed relationship have to sacrifice time to clean the house, wash dishes, and do normal chores faster than usual.

cleaning dishes



3. You have to contend with explaining the absence of your partner.

When you appear alone at a friend’s party, you have to explain where you left your partner. When one is in a committed relationship, they probably have to appear together almost everywhere.

couple cohabiting



4. Fighting over silly things.

You may love each other to the moon and back, but fights are a part of the deal with healthy, committed relationships. And I don’t mean physical fights. Expect to fight over silly things such as what to eat at a certain time, what movie to go watch, or what the other person said.  However, a strong couple always gets a way out of an argument.

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5. You have to consider your partner’s schedule when making plans.

In committed relationships, you have to consider your partner’s schedule before making any decisions.




6. Listening to one another’s problems.

Listening to each other’s problems is great. It’s better than being alone, right? However, if you are not a patient person, being in a committed relationship will be hard for you. Selflessness is essentially 90% of what makes such relationships successful. You will have to listen; even when the problem seems trivial for you.

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7. Compromising on different interests.

If one partner wants to watch her favorite soap opera and the other wants to watch his favorite football match, there is going to be a standoff. If one partner loves swimming, and the other hates it, compromises have to be made. Committed relationships need work to find common interests and to compromise where necessary.



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