15 Things That go Through A Girl’s Mind When They See Bae On The Phone A lot

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Like who the hell are you talking to? Okay, that’s exactly what we think.

I mean I am right next to you so what exactly are you doing texting back and forth? When your girlfriend sees you on your phone all the time they go crazy either in private or they just come out and say it out loud, like who in the world is that. Because in as much as girls can be cute little things they can also be cute red devils (and I say this as a girl). Keep in mind that girls are not crazy we are just emotional, vulnerable at times, kind of girls who overthink and guys ought to get used to it.

Here are thoughts that cross a girl’s mind when they see bae on the phone a lot: 

1. Who is she?

embarrassing child



2. Do you laugh that much when I text you?


3. Why do you have to hide when picking a phone call?


4. Why can’t you tell me who you’re talking to?




5. Is it really just a meme you’re laughing at? Issa big lie!!


6. Alright, it is official, this homey is cheating on me big time.


7. I hope he leaves his phone next to me so I can check because I am going crazy.


8. I need to figure out who he is talking to.


9. Alright, I’ll start getting on my phone the same way and see what he thinks.


10. Idiot is not looking at me.



11. Hmmm…I’m done talking to him.



12. Then finally you ask him and he says it’s his workmate and they were talking about his boss.


13. But you don’t believe him.




14. You wonder how you’ll get his password.



15. Congrats, now you know you have trust issues.


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