12 Times Adekunle Gold Had The Most Epic Replies On Twitter

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Adekunle Gold is a Nigerian urban highlife singer and songwriter 

And we love him so much.


His music is refreshing and his videos are a spice. His debut album ‘Gold’ was one of our best albums of last year.


And we love how all his pictures are like work of arts now


And more importantly, we love his replies on social media. 

yes gif



We may be reaching but he might be the closest we have to Chrissy Teigen (oh snap, there’s Aunty Funmi Iyanda)

Anywhoo, here are some of the few times Adekunle’s replies had us laughing so hard

1. This time a line from his song was so useful


2. And this time someone asked him to remove the king from his handle and his reply was epic


3. And this other time someone told him to change his tailor


4. LMAO nah Adekunle is a gem


5. And this one where someone saw his twin


6. Not to forget this one that had us rolling. 

Backstory: He tweeted “Follow the calling not the crowd” and then the twitter user replied


7. Crying


8. When a fan tried to use retweets to take his watch


9. And this one where a fan was shocked he paid for DSTV


10. Crying


11. Look at his response when someone came for him



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