#TrendopeStories: Ummi, My Half-Sister [Must Read]

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When and how did I become the way I am now? When did the forbidden begin to hold so much attraction for me? I’ve had a very chaste upbringing as a Muslim woman in the core north, but lately my thinking has begun to veer towards the forbidden, towards the taboo. It’s a really exciting though strange feeling for me not just as a Hausa woman but a married one at that.

I sat on my bed and mulled over the events of the past three months or so and wondered again how I had gotten this far with my crazy desires. You all know me as @married_freak on twitter. I stumbled upon twitter after dark one fateful day, opened an account and have never had to look back since then. I just want to share the fulfilment of one of my fantasies with you. Although I do wonder about how I got this far, I would not change a thing about what happened or about the person I am turning out to be. I love the new me, as scary as I seem sometimes to myself.

I have always looked at my half-sister, Ummi with more than a sisterly eye. Even when I was only content with just touching my nipples and wasn’t having thoughts about being fucked by one of those well hung guys who send me pictures of their dicks on twitter, I always looked at Ummi with lust in my heart. My half-sister Ummi is beautiful, chocolate complexioned, curvy and now that I know the true meaning of the word, a slut!  She has beautiful slanted eyes from her Fulani heritage, and flawless skin and she would wear very skimpy cloths! Have I told you that Ummi is just seventeen? Okay, if I didn’t, now you know. My sister whom I have been having lustful thoughts towards, is a seventeen year old girl.

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