7 Alternative Things To Do With Money Instead Of Buying The New iPhone

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ICYMI: The Apple event was yesterday.

On 12th September, Apple held an event where they announced their latest phones including the iPhone 8, 8Plus and X (Roman numeral for 10) and some other gadgets. And trust the internet to explode with jokes about Apple’s latest phones.

Everything was going well in our world till we saw the price tag of the iPhones.

iPhone 8 would go for $699, 8Plus for $799 and X for $999.





And we’d soon start seeing people carrying around theses phones. $999 is nearly N360k at the current exchange rate. Imagine all that money can do for you. Here are 8 things you can use your money for instead of buying the iPhone:

1. Land

Many places in Nigeria are still developing and you can buy plots of land for as little as N200k. One good thing about buying land is that the price will always appreciate as more places get developed. Imagine spending N200k to get N2 million in 5-7 years. That’s 10 times the capital you invested in at first.




2. Start a business

If you can’t be patient for 5-7 years for land to appreciate, you can start a business. Things like selling food, clothes, bags, shoes, sun glasses, lingerie, hair care products are taking off with the use of social media. Within a year, you would have made nearly double your capital. All from the comfort of your sitting room.




3. Pay rent

If you’re still living with your parents and are planning to move out, the money for the iPhone X will pay rent in most Nigerian cities.

ningo housing unit



4. Start an NGO

You can become the next philanthropist in town by starting an NGO with money for an iPhone or donating all of it to your favourite charity. Either way, you’re doing good and touching lives better than an ordinary RT would do on social media.




5. Vacation

You can use the money to live Viva la Vida Loca for a few weeks in any country of your choice. Imagine investing N360k to tour West African countries like Benin Republic, Togo, Ghana and more. The memories made on such a trip will last a lifetime.

lake paradise 10



6. Invest in a business

You may not be good at running a business but that shouldn’t stop you from investing in an upcoming business that is going to make you a lot of money. Having multiple streams of income is the dream.




7. Go back to school

You can always invest the iPhone money in going back to school and getting a certification or another degree that will improve your professional profile and make you more money.


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