#TrendopeStories: Aunt Nekky [Must Read]

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I was only 12 when my mother died in a car crash and I went to live with her mother in the village. Since, I didn’t know who my Dad was (and my Mon didn’t know either), staying with my father was out of the question.

I am sure you’re wondering how come my Mom didn’t know who the father of her only son was. Well it’s not so strange if you believe the local legend that my mom had a habit of keeping men entertained, and when she got pregnant with me, all she could say was “It should be one out of those five guys…erm…14 if you count the nine other guys I slept with the previous week.”

Anyway, I was the result of one of those dalliances and of course none of those fourteen guys ever acknowledged me. So, I lived with my mom and despite her inexplicable late nights and the mysterious man –or woman-that came back with her on some nights, I was still well cared for.

My Mom must have been a hard worker indeed because there was always food on the table, good clothes on my body and she made sure I attended very good schools. I’ve often wondered what happened when my mom met with the Principal of an exclusive secondary school in his closed office, and told me to wait outside so that she can discuss with him. Whatever she told him must have worked because I was admitted in the school right away on the school’s scholarship. But I felt it strange that both parties seemed out of breath when they opened the office and were sweating. Obviously, the air conditioner was not functioning effectively.

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