#TrendopeStories: Xmas in November! {Must Read}

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I call him “My CR’ and he calls me ‘My Sweetestest’. He drives me crazy and does marvellous things to my body. His voice alone makes my pussy twitch and gush out pussy juice. Our times together are always explosive, leaving me weak while still hungry for more! He plays my body like an expert instrumentalist, the same way a guitarist plays his guitar. It’s been slightly over a year since our last meeting and almost two years since we fucked and I was eagerly looking forward to this meeting. It wasn’t as if we were in different countries or didn’t want to see each other. It was just that the cares of life usually conspired against us. Our plans had been truncated several times either from my end or from his, for one reason or the other. And finally in November 2016, our plans had fallen into place. The opportunity was there, the time was available and us the participants, more than eager!

Living in different cities, I had to go pick him up. The journey was hectic for him and anxious for me, but the outcome was well worth it. Our kiss even at the park was filled with pent up passion. A close look at the car windows would have shown it steaming up with the heat being released in that confined space. Reluctantly, we pulled apart and I drove us back to my place. Despite having to be attentive on the road while driving, I still couldn’t help but steal glances at My cr. And several times I caught him also staring at me. I would touch his face lightly with my right hand while manoeuvring the car with my left. His left hand was also on all parts of my body he could access. Several times he would lean across and plant soft kisses on any part of my face he could easily reach. My body was already throbbing in anticipation of those hands all over it.

Finally, we got home and managed to get into my flat. We were like two magnets considering the speed with which we fell into each other’s arms. I held him tight as I inhaled his manly cologne. It felt like we were about to crush each other through our embrace. Then he bent his head and kissed me, long and hard. Sucking on my lower lips and then the upper one intermittently, while I did likewise to him, his hands roamed my body through the fabric of my dress and then his bare hands touched my naked skin as he wound his way under the fabric. His hands felt hot to my body, it felt like I was being touched by a hot poker. I moaned through our kiss as he pinched my taut nipples hard.  We had to come up for air after a while as the kiss had gone on and on and on. I didn’t want the kiss to come to an end; I didn’t want to come out of that embrace even for a single minute. But I had to be the gracious host and allow him wash the grit of a long journey off his body. We pulled apart, with me telling him to go shower, while I prepare something for him to eat. 

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